Body shape analysis

Throw away your invented complex and choose the right things for your figure

80% of women are not satisfied with their bodies.
Clothes in the closet don’t adorn you, and when you looking for a new one in the store, it feels like there’s nothing on your type of shape. Internet recommendation don’t work.

In fact, it is very difficult to get exactly under the description of 5-7 types of shapes. Women don’t understand the features of their figures, that’s why the right picking out clothes that will accentuate the beauty and give confidence to oneself very hard

At the figure type consultation, I would glad to explain the non-standard approach to shape typing. You will know:
— What is you the shape of proportion and waist line.
—What fabrics and styles will best highlight your figure.
—What nuance should be remembered when choosing clothes (fabrics, silhouette, details)
— About the features of your figure and how to properly present them to always feel beautiful and confident.
— Which accessories size better to choose
—How the lines you choose in the clothes affect the impression ⠀

Format: online meeting (30 minutes)+crib note in  PDF format  with examples of clothes and details (25-30 pages)

Term: 7 days from payment and provision of necessary data 

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