Some time ago we figured out how to recognize your body type and learned recommendations for “The Slender Hourglass”, “The Full Hourglass”, “The Triangle”. Today I share with you some advices for other body types.

“The Inverted Triangle”. Singularities: shoulders are bigger than hips, stiff shoulder line, relatively marked waistline, relatively convex buttocks. This body type gain weight starting from hands, shoulders, breast, face, upper part of belly then hips and buttstocks. Cellulite is very rare.

This body type need minimum details in shoulder line, it should be very simple and reservedly. Details on hips will look great.

Best clothing:

Jackets: a simple cut without decorative elements and shoulder pads

Blouses and tops: a simple cut

Skirts: straight, pleated or wedged

Trousers: any style, will look great “breeches” cut

Dresses: simple straight cut or chemise with decorative elements at the bottom

Coat: straight cut, flared

Swimwear: fit bras with straps around neck, models with the details on hips.

Better to avoid: ruffles and frills at the top of the suit, shoulder straps and epaulettes.

“The Slender Column”. This body type has equal distance between shoulders and between hips, relatively stiff shoulder line, relatively marked waistline, relatively convex buttocks. It’s very hard to gain weight for such body type. “The Slender Column”  mostly doesn’t have cellulite.

This body type have to highlight buttocks. You can attract attention to breast line with help of different details. It’s good to use texture and multi-layering.

Best clothing:

Jackets: form-fitting with items or pockets

Blouses and tops: textured, layered, colorful, with lots of details.

Skirts: A-silhouette, with wedges, flared or pleated

Pants: on a figure, with pleats and pockets

Dresses: silhouette “princess” with round tucks and details

Coat: on a figure

Swimwear: best choice – models with push-up bra. It is necessary to give preference to separate and colorful swimsuits that accentuate the line of the chest and hips.

Better to avoid: abundance of ruffles and quillings, huge skirts with  folds, heavy materials, oversized clothing.

“The Rectangle” body type is characterized by same distance between shoulders and hips, overage shoulder line, relatively marked waistline, relatively convex buttocks. This body type gain weight on belly (around the circumference of the abdomen and on the back in the abdomen area), arms, breast, hips and buttucks. Cellulite is rare for such body type.

Best clothing:

Jackets: on a figure, with clear lines.

Blouses and tops: simple cut

Skirts: wraparound, straight, wedged, pleated

Trousers: you can easily choose any model

Dresses: simple srtaight silhouette or chemise

Coats and outerwear: straight silhouette with a little accent on the waist

Swimwear: dark central part of one-piece swimsuit make you look slimmer. Also try on square neckline. When you choose bikini, avoid underwear with high waist.

Better to avoid: tight clothes, soft and fluffy fabrics, bias cut, jackets and coats with belt. Don’t wear belt on waist area. Clothes silhouette should be straight.

“The circle” has same distance between shoulders and hips, sloping shoulder line, relatively marked waistline, relatively convex buttocks. Usually they gain weight starting from belly (only front part) and then breast, face (also second chin), arms, hips, buttocks. Cellulite is very rare for such body type.

Clothing silhouete should be straight, fabrics – soft and don’t create extra volume. All details should be upper breast area or below the hips line. Pay attention to the accessorries. Clothes hanging from the shoulder, will look great.

Best clothing:

Jackets: cardigans, jackets with shawl collar, with triangle neckline.

Blouses and tops: simple cut, without details.

Skirts: soft fabriks, sarong, A-line or wedged.

Trousers: without a belt, on a coulisse

Dresses: A-line

Coats and outerwear: A-silhouete, cardigan style

Bikini: the best choice is tankini – separate swimwear with tank top. Better to use sarong. Remember, that details on shoulders attract attention to face.

It’s better to avoid: rigid fabrics, any accent on the waist, bright prints and details on the body, the bias cut.

I’m sure now you can easily choose clothing accordingly to your body type which will highlight your personal style and natural beauty.

How to choose clothing accordingly your body type. Chapter 2.
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