What scares men? What better not to do when your boyfriend or husband is around? Not long time  ago I was talking to my friends about habits that annoy men and now I’m ready to share top 5 things that frighten them.

1. Beauty care procedures (masks for face, hair, depilation, manicure). Leave some secrets about you! Also don’t blow your nose and make other “cleaning procedures” when your man is near.

what men doesn't like in womans behavior

2. Talk without stop 20000 words and don’t care what your man feels, talk with him as with your best friend, complain all the time… women need to share, they just need to talk… But mostly in their words there is no huge tragedy, they talk and forget. When man hear such “painful stories” he receives signal that his woman needs help and he have to solve this problem ASAP. How he could solve it if in fact there is no issue? How man can be calm if every day he receives too many illogical problems without any way to solvation?


3. Squeals and shouts in stressful situations. I think this one women loves the most. Imagine situation:  you are talking to your husband/boyfriend and he seems like he is not listening to you… maybe he was thinking about something important, but who cares?! You need to tell it right now! Of course, you start to yell and all your words only about “You are not listening to me! Never!” After such screams man become shocked and he doesn’t understand what he should do right now: to calm you, listen to you, continue his job or start a fight…

4. To spy and encroach on personal space. “What does he have in his phone? What is that SMS about? With whom he is chatting on Facebook? Who is Annie????” The most interesting thing about woman’s brain is if there is not  enough knowledge, with additional search it will create a whole story which can really damage us. It may not be truth but we ready to believe in it! And when man is trying to check his woman the same way, she start to say he is encroaching her privacy! So dear ladies, please, remember: before you are going to check your husbands email box or social media think first: how would you feel if he does the same?


5. Patronize and look like you know everything. Your husband came home tired? It’s time to feed him, hug him, give him all possible care. If he has some job related problems you have to say him “I knew it will happen like that!” or “I told you!” and start sermons about “how he should act”…

Stop! If your man came home really tired and he doesn’t want to talk – just feed him with your amazing meal and leave alone! Better to take care of yourself: beauty masks, talking to mom or friend, reading a book… After a while he will come to you and ask what are you doing.

These simple but loved by many woman in the world actions can drive crazy even the most kind and patient man. Be careful!

Which habits annoy men? Gentleman talks.
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