What are the main rules for stylish man? How to choose clothing? What mistakes are the most common for men’s style? Today I’ve decided to share 9 style tips for guys, which can help you to choose right way in creating image.

1. Don’t forget to about grooming. It’s a part of your style. Keep your haircut and facial hair neat. Keep your nails clean and well kept.


2. The most important in choosing clothing are right fit and cut. If you have a long sleeve or wide jacket, better to go to a good tailor and fix a problem. Good fit makes even not expensive suit look good. Vice versa even very expensive wrong cut jacket will damage your image. Good-looking clothes run the world.

3 Details are important! A well-ironed shirt and trousers, polished shoes, clean cuffs and socks without holes at the heels will help you to create an image of powerful, trustworthy and respectful person.

4. Make your style unique with an accents: contrast color socks, unusual hankie, jewelry or find a way to tie a scarf.

style details men

menstyle details

5. Don’t focus on trends too much. First, build up your basic wardrobe from classic pieces and after you have a good base, you can add some fashionable pieces each season.

6. Pay attention to quality. Buy the best things you can afford (I’m talking about basic wardrobe now). High quality fabrics, good fit and longevity will always help you to look better.

choose a right suit

7. Never stop to evolve yourself. It’s not only about personal style, but also about the way you think, the way you talk and your behavior. Your brain has to work, otherwise there is not big difference between you and monkey.

8. Remember about good manners. Clothing is important, but you have to be a human. Don’t forget to send greetings on your friend’s and colleagues birth days, don’t forget to say simple “thank you”. Even if you think it’s not important for them or they know how much you appreciate their help, trust me, it will make your relationships better.

good manners

9. Your personal style shows who you really are, your values, and your aims. The way you look and act say much more than your words.

I hope these style tips were useful for you and now you know what to correct in your image. If you don’t know which impression do you create, you can book your free consultancy here.

9 style tips for men
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