If you want to be a millionaire – look like a millionaire”. I’m sure, you heard these words too many times. But what does it mean? I think, 70% of people think wrong, because they directly go to luxury shops and try to buy watch, suit and umbrella. But does it work? I’m sure it’s not!

In fact, how do reach people choose clothing? What do they wear? What do they like to buy?  Let’s figure it out!

1) You need some classics: you can buy LBD, dark blue jeans and creamy-colored sweater or jumper. From the first sight it’s difficult to say is it H&M or Hugo Boss. Such clothing you can find in any shop.


beige sweater and jeans

2) Simple and clean.  You won’t look pricey in dirty clothing with stains. Your clothing can be simple and not expensive, but shining shoes, tidy and ironed clothing, neat hair and makeup are must-have for your outfit.  

3) The basics: accessories rule the world. It’s important to have a good shoes and bag. If you don’t have enough money, just choose something with minimalistic design. Simple ballet flats or loafers can be your best choice.

loafers for men


4) Keep it real: Do not wear fake leather and try to say to everyone that it’s real. People will understand you are lying.

5) Don’t scream about what brands you wear. Reach people never wearing like “look! I just bought new Prada’s shoes! And my bag is Dolce&Gabbana!” Brands are not important, the way you look is important.

fake brand

6) No fakes! If we are talking about brands, you have to remember fake is forbidden! If you don’t have enough money – buy a good quality “no name” bag, but don’t try to look cool with something fake and low quality. Even don’t think about it!

7) Multilayering. Cardigan on blouse, jacket on dress, waistcoat on shirt are always look more chic that just a “one layer” outfit.


8) Dark shirt – light trousers. If you always wear “black trousers and white shirt” it shows you as subordinate. To look more pricey and confident, choose light colors for bottom and dark for upper part of body.

black and beige

9)  Classy or trashy. Before you’re going to wear something, make sure it’s still in good condition. Nicks and scratches on shoes, bags, or anything else you have in your wardrobe are unacceptable.

10) Nail it: keep your nails clean and short. Forget about acrylic long mails or vivid neon colors.  


11) LaDy: ladylike dresses makes figure more proportional and always make you look more elegant.

12) Choose light parfume. As for me, there is nothing worth than if someone put too much parfume. Sometimes I feel like I’m have no air to breathe.

13) Light-colored outerwear. Black coat looks laconic and chic. But camel coat always look more attractive and sophisticated.

14) Make sure it fits: check before buy. Clothing which doesn’t fit correctly never can make you look like a millionaire. Avoid all things that don’t make you look good.  

 15) Pearls and girls. Chanel put strand of pearls in pedestal of style and it’s true. When you have doubt which jewelry to choose, in 95% pearls will help you to look awesome.


16) Into the wild: Animal print. Better to be careful with it, because it can make you look cheap. Try to choose an accessory with leopard print (belt, shoes, scarf) rather that create “zebra total look”

animal print

17) Hairstyle. Your hair should be always clean and well-cut. Don’t be lazy to wake up 5 minutes earlier to wash your hair.

Did I miss something? Feel free to write  comment!

17 rules how to look like a millionaire
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