How to use accessories? Is it important to use them? Jewelry, scarves, belts, bags and shoes are those important things, which help you to create a complete and different style for any occasion in your life. Even if you have 100 dresses, your outfit won’t be perfect without using accessories. You can spend thousands dollars for clothing, but you will look boring without accessories. Then what rules you need to know to use them right? Here is a list from 8 rules you have to know about using accessories


Understand the importance of accessories

Accessorizing is a kind of art! It’s a creative process, which help you to create your own style, save your money and look fabulous! It’s very easy to make your old clothes look different? How? By making experiments with different types of jewelry, hairpieces, scarves and belts you can renew any outfit! With different accessories nobody will notice that you wear the same dress or jeans you wore 3 days ago. You will get hundreds compliments for your look!


Trend? Brand? Quality!

Now it’s time to talk about price. If you have enough of money, for sure you can buy everything you want. What if not? I would recommend you to concentrate not on fashion trends or famous brands. Choose the quality. In each country there are some little brands that produce interesting models with good materials. Try to find them. If you still can’t forget that Michael’s Kors bag wait for sales time, don’t push yourself too much. Brand is not everything!

Also don’t buy cheap accessories. First, it’s wasting of time and money (you can read here why). Second, it can damage your image and make you look sloppy.

Third, you can wear high quality bag, shoes and jewelry, but choose good looking cheap dress. It’s acceptable. Look on celebrities! 🙂

Play with color

You can find many articles about color in my blog. If you want to look stylish and attractive, it’s important to avoid monochromatic looks. Wearing every single day black or white total looks make you look boring! Also you should stop to search for same color of belt, shoes, bag and clothes. Blue shoes, dress and bag is not looking interesting! Make experiments! Be bright!

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Jewelry search

Jewerly shoudn’t be very expensive. There is no need to go and buy silver, gold and diamonds. Of course, if you want to look like 35 years old when you just 22 – you can do that. Now you can find a wonderful, trendy and good price pieces in H&M, Bershka, Stradivarius and other mass-market shops.


Be bold to combine comfy and casual clothing with bijoux! Don’t be afraid to use all that amazing pieces you have. You can easily wear necklaces with shirts, choose vivid earrings when you pull your hair up or find unusual vintage ring. It’s time to crash stereotypes!

Fasten your belt!

Belt is something you have to have in your wardrobe. You can easily change your outfit by just changing a belt! Buy several models and different colors and you will create many interesting looks! If you have a belly and want to hide it from others, you can put belt knot not in the front, a little bit aside.


Narrow colorful belts, wide and elastic, made of leather and fabric – choose what you like and use it well! Make an accent to the narrowest part of your waist, wear it with cocktail or wide leg pants – there are many ways to use the belt. Just try!

Use your brain!

Do you know what is a true meaning of being fashionista? It’s not to go to shopping mall and buy all last trends! No! You have to find your own way to be trendy, fashionable, you have to make trends work on you and don’t spend your salary for buying things which two month later will be a rubbish.


If color of marsala is in trend

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this year, there is no need to buy all wine shades in the shops! It would be enough to buy just a necklace, earrings, scarf or a pair of amazing shoes.

Read fashion magazines, bloggers, check world-known collection of designers, but don’t copy all of them! It enough just to know main trends and find budget-friendly accessories in mass-market shops or special bazars to update your existing wardrobe.

No money – what to do?

How to accessorize if you don’t have enough money for that? The answer is simple – make it by yourself! Make a necklace or earrings, knit a scarf or gloves,
add some vintage medallions to simple chain and create a belt, renew collar with some beads, make a muff from your old ful collar – free your mind for fantasy! You can search for inspiration on


Find a balance

Final tip is about how to find a balance between looking plain and looking like a person from baroque times. In fact, it’s quite simple. If you are wearing glitzy shoes, it means you should choose simple dress and impressive jewelry or your favorite simple jeans, sparkling top and plain jewelry. Don’t wear everything shining you have on your wardrobe at ones! It’s enough to choose one bright peace in your look and combine it with simple clothing and accessories.

Monochrome, turtleneck blouses, knitted dresses need some accessories so don’t be afraid to use long necklace, brooch, shining earrings, belt or fur collar.

You can find more details about how to find you jewelry here.

As you see, there are many ways to look stylish and unique with a little budget. So next time when you will do shopping don’t buy new dress or shirt, first, have a look on accessories which can complete and renew clothing you have.

Do you have your own secrets how to accessorize? Which tips you use to create your unique style?

8 tips how to accessorize
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