How does sexy outfit should look like? How to look attractive, but not provocative? Sometimes girls cross that thin line between sexy look and trashy dress which shocks people around. If you still don’t know how to look attractive and elegant, I would recommend you to read carefully the 7 tips for being sexy.

 1. Heels. It’s a good idea to wear them if you want to look sexy. They change the way you walk to more slow and graceful, they can show your legs without baring skin too much. But you should be careful! Don’t wear very high heels every day. Heel more than 10 cm can look very provocative and you will look cheap, not sexy. Also it’s very difficult to walk on it all they day.


If you can’t walk on heels, a wedge heel might be an option. They are easier to walk and you still look feminine and attractive.


2. Don’t show too much. When you dressing up, you should expose only one part of your body at once. For example, wear short skirt or deep cleavage, but not both at the same time! Many girls forget about this simple rule and then don’t understand why boys staring at them too much. Better to choose your best features and concentrate on one of them.

 2 don't open too much2

2 don't open too much

3. Wear clothing you feel confident in. In fact, to be sexy doesn’t mean to wear sexy dresses. It’s all about how you feel inside. If you are confident, even just a pair of your favorite old jeans and white T-shirt can look too much sexy.

4. Beautiful lingerie. I hope you don’t have any old lingerie with stretched elastics! When you wear beautiful underwear, you feel yourself more attractive, even if nobody see it! Proved by psychologists!


 5. Jewelry can easily diversify any outfit. Even simple necklace or earrings can make you look elegant and attractive. By the way, to look sexier, combine ¾ sleeve with bright bracelet.

6 Remember about makeup. One thing which can easily change the way you look is makeup. Don’t forget about difference between daily and carnival makeup. Daily makeup should be light and enhance your natural beauty. Use foundation (if you really need it), eye-shadows of natural shades, mascara, a little lip-gloss and here is your makeup ready!

daily makeup

carnival makeup

7. Size matters. If we are talking about being truly sexy, we have to remember about clothing size. If you wear too small and tight clothing it makes you look funny and ridiculous. I would like to say one more time: wear something you feel comfortable in. Otherwise, you look not confident.

Self confidence, is one of the sexiest things a girl can have. No clothing won’t make you look sexy if inside you are not comfortable with yourself. No high heels, no short dress, no special perfume.

Now with these 7 simple secrets you can easily create seductive image and get thousand compliments from people around!

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