I’m sure you had a problem like this before. When you search for a dress or a shirt with visit website pattern usually 2 problems occurs. Print makes you look pale and grey or first people see a dress and then you. What is the main secret for choosing colors of print?

A contrast! Yes-yes, when you choose colors for fabric you have to remember about level of contrast in your appearance. It can be low, middle and high.

Girls with a white skin, bright eyes and dark hair have high level of contrast. So to say, colors in their appearance have a bright contrast like black and white. To create a harmonious image it’s better to pay attention to combinations of bright and pale or dark and light colors. So colors in clothing emphasize colors in appearance.

clear color direction

Middle level of contrast have girls with dark hair and swarthy skin or olive tone skin and light brown hair. Muted prints are perfect for them: quite enough discernible and not flashy.

soft color typedeep color type

If girl has blond hair and white skin it means her contrast level is low. The best choice are prints of the same tone. From the distance it may look like shadeless material, but it’s the best way to highlight tenderness and delicacy of the image.

light color type

These simple secrets will help you to look harmonious and gorgeous! If you have any question – feel free to ask in comments below.

How to choose print for fabric? Contrast matters!
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