In spring many people start a diet trying to get ready for summer season. But not everyone can keep this “hungry torture” and they turn back to usual life: oily food, coca-cola, fastfood, eating at nights. Then people try to hide their bodies under clothing but do they do it right? Today I would like to share with you 3 main myths about clothing and set your eyes on some details, which help you to look slender and self-confident.

Misbelief 1

If you have some extra weight, it’s forbidden to wear white clothing because you it makes you look bigger. Well, there is a part of true in it. If you have chosen clothes which is not suitable for your body type or which have details in problematic area (ex., ribbons or embroidery on belly) or don’t look good with other clothes – yes, you can look visually more full.

In this case dark and matted fabrics are better. But you shouldn’t totally avoid white color in your outfits. For example, you can wear jacket or cardigan on top of your white dress. Don’t close the buttons and it creates a vertical line which will make you look taller and slender.

Dress with light-colored central part and dark side parts definitely makes you look slimmer.

2 1

Misbelief 2

Vertical lines make you look slender, horizontal lines – wider. In fact, important detail is a width of lines. The wider and brighter lines, the more they expand the figure. And doesn’t matter are they horizontal or vertical.


Contrast and different width vertical lines push your eyes to move not from top to toe but from left to right. That’s why you look wider.

vertical lines in clothing


Horizontal lines, for sure, are more insidious.
It’s enough to locate them in “wrong place” and in seconds you will look wider. You shouldn’t wear clothes with horizontal lines which finish on the widest part of your body (ex., hips, belly, breast).


For example, if you have wide hips, it’s better to avoid knitted tunics with horizontal lines on hips. If you have wide shoulders or breast, don’t wear clothes with contrast horizontal lines in upper part of silhouette.

 Misbelief 3

If you are woman with plus size you have to wear baggy clothes. The truth is that shapeless clothing only damage your figure, visually breaking your proportions. Because the most important thing for all body types is a silhouette, you have to to choose dresses carefully. That’s why when you choose clothing it’s important to recognize your features and understand what you can highlight and what is better to hide. After this with a help of right models, length and accessories it’ll be very easy to catch attention to your advantages, look slender and self-confident.



I hope this 3 simple rules help you to look slender and more self-confident. Feel free to ask questions in comments below!

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