Alarm! It’s time to wake up! Oh, no… I need 5 minutes more… and again you are late and didn’t do something important. You think nobody cares about the way you look, but the more people see you like this, the more your image become untidy and unorganized.

These things take only 5 minutes of your time but they have a huge effect on impression you make:

ironing clothes. You can do it in the evening or directly after washing. If repeatedly people see you in not ironed jumper or classical trousers, they will perceive you as untidy and dispensable person.

ironing clothing

cleaning shoes. I have a golden rule: doesn’t matter what is the weather outside, you have to go out in clean shoes. You never know whom you meet outside of the house and whom can invite you for a coffee.


washing your hair. Long time ago different magazines wrote that you can wash your hair only once “click here” per week. Otherwise it’s bad for your health. But what should you do if your hair get dirty very fast? Of course, wash it! Buy a shampoo which is suitable for your hair type or visit a trichologist to get some recommendations.


– personal care. Take a shower (5 minutes), brush your teeth (3 minutes) and you will feel yourself alive and full of energy! A good deodorant and a little perfume – you can easily go over any communication problem.


prepare your bag. If you don’t want to forget something important put all documents, notes and presentations in the evening. Also it’s better to write “to do list” before you go to bed and correct it in the morning.


By the way, from time to time don’t forget to check what’s inside your bag. You can find many useless papers, pens, broken earphones and other rubbish.

Don’t be lazy to spend 5 minutes for yourself! Tidy outfit, straight posture – and you are ready to achieve more goals in your life!

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