Warm weather is coming and you can’t wait to wear your favorite skirt. You don’t have any? Why? Skirts are versatile, because you can wear them with different tops and create unique outfits! Let’s check out the most popular models and choose a perfect one for you.

 A pencil skirt is a wardrobe essential. Some stylists and celebrities say that it’s a must-have for every girl. Yes, you can easily wear it for job, important meeting or a party. But it doesn’t fit to every body type. If you have some extra kilos on belly area it can highlight this singularity and make you look wider.



To calculate  your perfect pencil skirt length  use next formula:


(H – your height in cm. For young ladies result is L-3 cm, for ladies 35+ years old  L+3cm)

A mini skirt is very popular among young ladies. But you should be careful, if you have some extra weight on hips and legs. Also in some places it can look provocative. Always remember about where you are going and what length is acceptable for that place.



Here is a magic formula comes:


There is one more secret. Stand straight and put your hands along the body.The place where the middle finger ends is the minimum length of your mini skirt. Everything shorter looks vulgarly.

A midi skirt is multifunctional! It can be paired with almost everything. You can easily wear it to everywhere. You just need to know your perfect length for middle skirt and you can create a stylish and chick outfit.




A midi skirt can be different models: A-line cut, pencil-cut, flared and with different decoration. The most important is to keep proportions. If you choose tight model of skirt, your top should be loose and vice versa.

To find your perfect length use formula:


Leather skirt. Some people don’t like leather skirt, because they want to protect animals. But you can buy skirt made of eco-leather (read fake leather) and wear it with pleasure. The most important is to find good quality leather and model, which fits your body type. Such a skirt is perfect for spontaneous nights out, meeting with friends and can be worn for work, if you don’t have very straight dress-code.



A-Line skirts, as a midi skirts, can be dressed up or down depending on the event you are attending. You can wear such skirt for business-meeting or meeting with friends. You just need to remember that it shouldn’t fit very tight and show singularities of your body.




Plaid skirt. As for me, I can’t imagine a single fall-winter season without this skirt! Made of wool it will warm you even in the coolest day. The only thing you have to remember is that plaid skirt attract attention to the hips, so you have to be careful with it.



Maxi skirt. Mostly girls wear it during summer vacation. Made of cotton or viscose it’s perfect for hot-days outfits. But don’t forget about long skirt in winter time. It makes you feel warm better than any trousers! Choose a model from wool, knitted or any other dense fabric and be stylish! Girls with height less than 165 should be careful with maxi skirts. They can make you look shorter. To keep proportions remember a rule: bottom part of your outfit should take 2/3 of your height and upper part – 1/3.



To figure out your perfect maxi skirt length, use a formula below:


What is your favorite type of skirt to wear? Which of these you always keep in your closet?

Must-have skirts in ladie’s wardrobe
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