Not long time ago I wrote about interesting color combinations, that can help you to create unusual look and stand out from monochromatic crowd. More details you can find here and here.

And now I want to ask you: which two color combinations we use more than others? Which color contrasts are well known by everybody? Which color combination makes you feel more confident?

Yes, I’m talking about light-dark and saturation contrasts! Why? Let’s find out some secrets!

Light-dark contrast. We can use combinations of black and white, black and grey, grey and white. This contrast creates an impression of bright, but  comparatively conservative person.



Saturation contrast creates an impression of calm and comparatively conservative personality.

How to create? You need to combine different shades of one color. For instance, you could wear green trousers, light-green jumper and dark green shoes. Or combine dark-lilac coat with light-lilac scarf.

kantrast po nasishennosti

kantrast po nasishennosti2

Why do people mostly use these two contrasts? Why they are so popular? Because these color combinations are very easy to create, you don’t need to spend too much time for it. Also because of many people use such color combinations (especially celebrities) we accept it as stylish, beautiful and right.

When you use saturation or light-dark contrast it’s very hard to make a mistake and look ridiculous.

Probably, now you want to know how to diversify your look and use tree colors in outfit. How to combine them right and not turn to traffic light?

It’s not a secret anymore! You should remember about proportion 70-20-10. In your outfit you should use 70% of main color (for example, blue trousers), 20% – additional color (red top) and 10% – an accent (white bag).


Now you know all secrets about Itten’s color contrasts. If you think we finished our discussion about colors, you are wrong! More unusual and harmonious color combinations are coming soon!

Shine bright!

The most famous color combinations are…
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