There is no better place for shopping than Istanbul in sales time. You can find so many good clothing with great price and quality! High quality cotton, soft silk and leather made in Turkey are waiting for their owners! As a rule advertisement works good and you buy 3rd same sweater, dress, trousers or a tie that you won’t wear. After you are home, you realize that too much money was spent on useless things. How we can avoid this kind of a situation? Let’s find out some “healthy-shopping” rules!

1. Check your wardrobe. From time to time check your clothing and make notes what you need to change (maybe you need some new shirts or jumpers, old ones are not looking good anymore) and what you need to buy to be able to create harmonious and stylish outfit (it could be scarf, new bag or bracelets). Don’t forget to take out clothing that you will not wear anymore and prepare it for charity.


2. Make a shopping list. While making shopping you can forget what you really need and buy some things, which you won’t wear. List will protect you from such a mistake.


3. Check composition. It is better to buy clothing made of natural fabrics: cotton, silk, cashmere and etc. You will use them longer. By the way, in some brands (Defacto, Koton,  United Colors of Benetton, Marco Polo, Ipekyol and etc.) viscose and acrylic  clothing cost more expensive than cotton!

4. Buy basic clothing. Sales time is perfect for buying basic clothing such as trousers, jackets, coats, bags and shoes. There is no need to take trends of season, because one month later it won’t be actual.

5. Check stitches, findings, hitches. There shouldn’t be any defect on clothing. During sales time clothing can be on the ground so don’t forget also to check stains.

6. Don’t buy clothing if you need to repair it. Maybe some button is missing or you need to change zipper. In 90% of cases, such closing is stays with price tag in your wardrobe.

7. Before buying something, think carefully with what clothing from your wardrobe you can combine new purchase. If you can create 3-4 outfits with new jumper (skirt, shoes and etc.), it’ll be right investment.

buy or not?
8. Check the real value. Do you have any doubt of buying that shirt? Just think where you can wear it. If you it is possible to dress it in your office, meeting with friends or walking it won’t be wasting of money. More times you can wear it and it looks good the better purchase you did.
9. Economize right. If you don’t have too much money for shopping, it is better to buy 2-3 things of good quality than 10 shirts that you will throw one month later.

10. Useless things are situated at eye level. You can easily take things you don’t need if they situated at the level of your eyes.


These rules will help you not to turn your wardrobe into a rubbish box and save money for traveling, self-development and joyful surprises.

10 “healthy shopping” rules
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