I can make your figure perfect in 15 minutes! “How? Surgery?!” – you may ask frightened. No-no, otherwise you would read the blog of plastic surgeon. But you are reading article from personal stylist and imagemaker, aren’t you?

Today I would like to share little secret of color combinations which help you to look slender.

To create stunning outfits you should know your body. Look in the mirror. Look at yourself

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and tell which parts of your body are the most attractive? Slender legs? Beautiful neck? Thin waist? Or maybe very delicate hands? Got your answer? So it’s time to talk about extension contrast.

To catch attention on your legs, chose bright shoes. For example, if your dress is fuchsia color, to create extension contrast, use yellow shoes. If you have thin waist, you can add red or green belt to your dress. If you are proud of your breast, for your yellow blouse choose blue or red brooch.

по площади

I think you got the idea. You choose part of body you like the most and highlight it by vivid color accessory.

контраст по площади

This contrast creates an impression of extraordinary person, capable to emphasize it’ dignity and stand out from the crowd.

Remember a secret: the smaller area of contrast stain, the more it attracts attention.

In theory of color there is one more interesting contrast. But you should be careful with it! I’m taking about the hue contrast. Very bright and unusual. It creates impression of joyful, easy going and simple person.

To create this color combination you can use red, blue, yellow, orange, purple, green, white and black. You can use minim 3 colors (2 colorful and black or white), maximum all 8. Mostly we can see this contrast in advertisement to attract our attention.


Last season color blocking was in trend. Do you remember? It’s also kind of hue contrast.

In everyday life we should be careful with such combination. First, we have to remember about relevance. Vivid colorful clothing contradicts the rules of business dress code.

Second, to use color blocking and look good you have to know your body very good. Such a contrast may visually “cut” your body and make you look smaller and wider.

Third, for color blocking you have to choose simple design and texture. Put away ruffles, plenty of pockets and bulk knitting.

Continuing conversation about color combinations I would like to say few words about cold-warm color contrast.

You should take сold color (for instance, blue) and combine it with warm color (yellow, orange). Also you can use cold and hot shades of color. For example apple-green and emerald green.

cold and hot2


Cold-warm color contrast creates impression of expressive and ambiguous person.

cold and hot

Now you know how to set accents right and receive 100000 compliments!

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