Finally he found Her… He found the most wonderful lady… When he thinks about her, his heart beats faster and louder. But she doesn’t look at him!

“She is spoiled! Maybe she is dreaming about sexy billionaire whom will buy her a personal plane? And I’m just a coder (teacher, merchandiser, head of department and etc.)!”

“A man should be a little bit more handsome than monkey” – some guys say. “For you, for girls, it’s important to make manicure and hairstyle, wear beautiful dresses. But for boys it doesn’t matter – we can wear anything!”

But wait a minute! If you want to have a beautiful and good-looking girl near you, you have to fit her!

Now you will see top 13 mistakes of men’s image, which can create problems on your way to success.

Unshaved neck. Your haircut should be always perfect and edging – sharp! Don’t forget about it! If you wear beard – don’t forget to correct its shape from time to time. Same about hair in ears, nose and waiving eyebrows!  Stop to be like a squirrel or sturgeon!


Careless nails. Nowadays manicure is not only for ladies, but also for gentlemen. Your nails have to look neatly, not as you’ve spent whole day in garage.


Untidy and old shoes. When you go to a business meeting or dating, don’t forget to check your shoes. They should attract with shine, not with dust and ugly look.


Ripped socks. Shabby and with holes – such socks have to be thrown at that time when you noticed it. Yes, from time to time you should check your “socks wardrobe”.


Ripped and very old clothing. Do you remember sweater, which you were wearing at school? It has a little hole on sleeve after cigarette. Or jeans which rubbed in intimate areas, but you still love them and wear from time to time? Stop! It’s time to throw all old clothing!


Untidy clothing. Oily or unrecognized stains can be in advertisement, but not on your clothing!


Rumpled clothing. I don’t know why, but sometimes men are against of ironing. “When I’ll wear this trousers (sweater, jumper) it looks ok.” Aha, sure! Don’t be lazy, iron your clothing!


Swear words. Hey guys! Please, stop to use obscene language when you are near ladies! It won’t make you more sexy, handsome and masculine.

No deodorant. Especially at summer time! Smell of sweat is one of reasons your companion can escape you, especially if it’s a lady.

deodorant for men

Don’t try to hug, touch and pinch a girl at first time you see her. If you are searching for serious relationship, better to forget about this habit!

Scratch the intimate areas in public places. Trust me, it’s the most disgusting thing!

Blowing your nose and spitting. On the street… in crowded places. It’s so cool!

And the most important. Some of these behavior women can accept. But she will never forgive you a lie. “I have a new Toyota in the garage, but I used metro because… “, “Hah, I know your manager! We are drinking beer at weekends. I can help you and talk with him about your work” and etc. Never lie to attract a girl! One day she will know the truth and it can damage your relationship.

bad words

If a girl really interested in you, it doesn’t matter what kind of transportation do you use and what people do you know. But if she is with you only because of money – she will leave you same minute she discovered the truth.

It seems these mistakes are not serious. It may seem everyone know it and there is no need to talk about it. But such little things play a huge role in girl’s decision. Be strong, be men, be happy! It’s good for everyone!


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