Before I have started to learn makeup and style, I was always wondering how to combine colors right. I could stay for half an hour near mirror and think is this color combination good or better to change something. Oh, gosh! How to combine colors? Sometimes it was so hard! A lot of times I have felt not confident just because of I wasn’t sure about colors in my outfit.

That’s why today I finally decided to write article and share with you main secrets of combining colors in clothing and makeup. Today I will try to show you how get generic cialis online to create unusual contrasts and make right impression.

I’m sure you know this color wheel. It was founded by Johaness Itten. With the help of Itten’s wheel it’s easy to create different color combinations. He described 7 color contrasts in his book “The elements of color”:

complementary contrast;

– simultaneous contrast;

– hue contrast;

– extension contrast;

– light-dark contrast;

– cold and warm contrast;

– saturation contrast.

Today we will talk about 2 contrasts and in the end of article you will be able to create vivid and catchy image.

I’ve decided to diversify color wheel. I hope you will like it!

цветовой круг в туфлях

For complementary contrast you have to use colors which are opposite each other in the color wheel. For instance, red and green, yellow and purple, lime and fuchsia. These color combinations create an impression of vivid and creative personality.

контраст дополнительных цветов


For some combinations there are harmonious proportions.

Red and green. This contrast is very bright, spirited and dynamic. Any time you are in a full view. To create harmonious outfit use red and green in proportion 1:1.


Purple and yellow – energetic, expressive and vivid contrast. Best ration for this combination 3:1.

2dopolnitelnuy tsvet

Blue and orange – bright, but more serene contrast. Perfect in proportion 1:2

For other complementary combinations, there is no such a rations.

3dopolnitelnuy tsvet

For the beginning, this picture will be helpful for you to create complementary contrast.


Simultaneous contrast.

This is one of my favorite combinations! Simultaneous contrast creates impression of luxury and expensive goods. That’s why even simple and unpretending clothing can become a masterpiece!

How to create? For example, let’s take a look on green color. In color wheel in front of green we can see red. To create simultaneous contrast we need to take not red, but orange-red or “click here” red-violet. So we choose color which is on the right or on the left from complementary color.

simultaneous contrast

So we can combine yellow with red-violet or blue-purple. Purple with lime or yellow-orange. These are only few color combinations! Now try to create your own variants! How is it going?

simultanious 2

turquoise and red

simultanious (1)

And the last recommendation for today. To create harmonious color combination, use vivid colors with vivid, pale with pale, pastel – with pastel. I think s
uch color wheel will be very useful for you.


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Color combinations: time to be bright!
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