Do you how to buy expensive clothing and economize? How cheap clothing can damage your look and steal money? Which simple formula can help you to evaluate value of purchase?

I always tried to economize when I was a student. Stipend was little and I wanted to have fun with friends, to buy something new and save some money for traveling… I must confess, trying to save sometimes I spent more money. And it’s not just about buying not useful clothing during sales time.

Kak-e`konomit-na-odezhde I economized on wrong things. Sometimes clothing look bad after 2-3 times I worn it and I had to do shopping again. Luckily, now I know what I can buy cheaper and for what better to spend more. Yes, you can economize on clothing and accessories! But you should do it carefully! There is one simple formula, which can help you to understand to buy or not to buy.

The value of goods = price / how many times you used it

For example, you bought jacket for work for 100$ and worn it about 3 years before it lost it’s shape and color. Totally, it’s about 160 times. It means, real value of jacket is 63 cent per one time you worn it. Such a purchase is fully justified investment. 1364053668_kak_ekonomit_dengi Now imagine, you bought a cardigan for 15$. You wore it only 3 times and it became look bad. Thus it’s real prose is 5$ per one time. And you have to do shopping again… kak_udalit_katyshki_s_odezhdy Let’s make it harder. You should buy a coat. You found 2 nice variants: good one made of wool (120$) and another nice model but made of polyester (50$). You could wear wool for long time, not as synthetic one. Coat is long-term investment and better to spend more for better quality. Conclusion: for clothing you are planning to wear long time, better to spend more. Now you have a task to solve: You will have a party. To create perfect outfit you need an interesting bag. The question is: which bag better to choose? Expensive high quality genuine leather but on sale (let’s say with -30% sale it costs 40$) or mass market bag (costs 20$)? For sure, in this situation better to take cheaper one. The most important – it should

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look good, without defects (findings, stitches etc.) DSC_0234-588x392   koshel6 The main conclusion. If you are going to buy clothing for everyday use (coat, shoes, dress) – better to pay more for high quality product and use it longer. If you are going to buy bright bag, jumper, earrings or something for one-time using – you can economize on it. The most important – check stitches, product appearance and color uniformity not to create an impression of sloppy person. Save money right!

Economize right!
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