Now we recieve more and more invitations for parties with dress code written in it. Also at work manager tells us how we should look like. That’s why nowadays it’s very important to know and understand what rules we should follow.

What is dress code? It’s written and unwritten rules regard to clothing. They explain us how we should wear in different situations.


Here are the main kinds of dress code:

White tie, ultra-formal – using for official occasions (diplomatic events, high-formality award ceremonies). For men – tuxedo with white tie or bow tie. For women – long dresses, expensive jewelry, evening hairstyle, long gloves and maybe fur mantle. No little black dress allowed!


Black tie, Ultra-formal – for official evening occasions. For men – tuxedo with bow tie, for women – cocktail dress. Women can wear flowing hair and jewelry. A little black dress is perfect for such dress code.


Formal dress code is using for formal evening occasions, very close to “Black tie”, but less conservative for outfit.  For men– dark blue suit and tie. For women– cocktail dress.


Black tie invited – for men – suit and tie, for women – cocktail dress.


Black tie optional – for men – dark-blue suit and tie. For women – cocktail dress.

Creative black tie – time to think different! Men can wear dark-blue suit or, for example, tuxedo with black shirt. For women – unusual and bright cocktail dress.

Cocktail attire – for men – suit and tie, for women – cocktail dress.

Semi-formal – you can use not strait-laced colors for suits and dresses. Both men and women can use lighter shades in dressing.


A5 (after five) – you can choose any cocktail dress and any suit.

A5c (after five casual) or Dressy casual – men can use bright colors for tie, unusual models for suit. Women can choose extravagant cocktail dresses.

BB (business best) – for men – dark-blue suit (made of high quality fabrics), the most expensive and conservative watch, only grey-blue shades for shirts. Women can wear blouse in combination with skirt or trousers, but not sexy and slinky.

BTR (business traditional) – less conservative than BB. For men – classical business suit. Women can wear blouses made of thin fabrics and jacket.

business traditional

Casual – free and informal style. But  there are still some rules for it.

For men – no necktie, but casual jacket could be worn. If you want to wear jeans, it should be dark, fitted, not plain work jeans. Better to choose leather shoes and collared shirts.

casual men


For women – free style, but not sexy one. Skirt, trousers or dark jeans in combination with shirt and leather shoes would look great. Casual jacket complete your outfit.


Now you know what each dress code means and you won’t be afraid to see A5c in your invitation!

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