Hey, guys! Do you wear waistcoat? Somehow, men unfairly avoid this element of the wardrobe. Few days ago, when I recommended my friend to buy it, he was totally sure it’s not useful and make you look like a nerd.

Is waistcoat so bad and better to throw it away? Is there any rule to create stylish outfits with it? It’s time to figure it out!

In fact, vest can become one of your favorite clothes. After you learn some secrets, it will be easy to create unique, attractive look and show yourself as a person who know how to highlight personal style.

Nowadays in shops we can find huge amount of various waistcoats: classic cut made of cotton and leather, more casual – from cashmere, wool and knitwear or quilted.

how to wear waistcoat

How to wear waistcoat right? Let’s have a look.

You can buy three-piece suit and use vest with jacket and trousers or jeans.

three piece suit

Also u can just wear it with jeans or chinos.

To create classical outfit – add tie. To diversify look and make your image unusual use bow tie or scarf.

waistcoat and scarf

 Shirt can be monochrome or squared. The most important, if you have silky waistcoat, choose silky or cotton shirt. If vest is woolen or knitted – wear cotton or mixed fabric shirt.

chic outfit for men

How to choose your perfect waistcoat? It have to be your size, well-tailored, fit the body without any wrinkles or ridges. Usually classical waistcoats have a strap, which helps to adjust size.


Length should be just below the belt. Shirt and belt shouldn’t be visible from under waistcoat.

Important to know! You shouldn’t button bottom button (oh-oh, to much B, but I hope you got the idea 🙂 first button from below should be always open). Also there is no need to wear tie clip.


If you prefer knitted waistcoats, choose models that fit your body. Awkward huge vest in combination with shirt creates an impression of crazy scientist from the past. The same about coarse knitted clothing. Don’t wear such waistcoats and sweaters under the jacket. It makes you look strange and huge.

9 трикотажный жилет с формальным костюмом

Without fail, keep an eye on your deportment! Every single minute! Stooping man in waistcoat looks too bad!

By the way, if you have some extra kilos and belly, be careful with print for your top. Clothing with horizontal lines, huge rhombs and other geometry visually make you look wider and bigger.


Quilted vest is perfect for guys who likes city style and active lifestyle. It’s easy to combine with jeans, squared shirts and coarse knitted sweaters.


Also you can wear it with t-shirts, thin jumper, sweatshirt or hoodie.

quilted waistcoat

Thin quilted waistcoat under casual jacket will make your outfit more chic and elegant.

8 стёганый жилет в многослойном комплекте

Same as previous models, quilted waistcoats should be your size.

And the last. The more simple your vest (model and print), the more outfits you can create. You just need to add tie, scarf or cool shirt – and here is unique image comes!

Enjoy your experiments!

The waistcoat: throw away or be stylish?
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