”I drastically changed my image!” – I hear Anna’s voice on the phone. When I asked what she did, she answered: “I’ve got new hairstyle and hair color!”…

One day I was wearing my new dress and met some friends. As dress had unusual cut and color combination, I’ve received a compliment: “Your new image fits you perfectly!”

I was confused…

change ımage

Somehow, people think to change image – it’s just 2 hours at hairdresser’s saloon or one successful shopping. 95% of humanity think like that. The way we dress, our hairstyle, accessories, smell, gestures, facial expressions, body constitution, gait are just components of outward image. It’s just 1/5 part of full image.

To change(or correct) your image properly you need to work on:

environment image (house, working place, car, places you visit, what other people say about you)

habitus image (outward image, the way you look)

reified image (business card, business letter, website, things you create)

verbal image (the way you talk, competent speech and writing)

kinetic image (the way you move, body position)

Depending on target, each person face out specific task and exercises that help to correct the image. Today I would like to share with you top 5 general recommendations, which help to make your image better right now.

look at your posture! Slouch represents you as not confident person. Start to make sport, go to swimming pool, make exercises in the morning – everything depends on you.


One of my clients, lets’ call her Maria, were very uncomfortable with her job. She got tired of huge amount of work (even if it’s not her responsibilities) and of silly remarks from her manager. One of her tasks was to work on her posture and walking.

Two weeks later her gait from shuffling become silent and smooth, her posture become straight. She looked more confident and her manager stopped to make remarks and give too much tasks to do.

read books more. When did you last time open classical literature? At school times? Immediately go to bookshop or download some from internet and read on your way to job.


Not only your speech become more correct, but also writing. You couldn’t imagine how many illiterate messages I receive from shops and training centers!

Literacy is not only your

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image, but also a part of your company’s image.

keep your house and working space clean. Simple and clear rule. There is no need to wait for mountains of papers, cups and dust in your room.


deal with your business cards! Sometimes when I meet people, I receive more than strange cards.


The story from life. Alex was working as engineer in construction company but then decided to become a freelancer in IT-sphere. He didn’t think about details. When he met someone, he gave his old business card where with pen he corrected his number and email address. What do you think, did it affect his new job?

keep your clothing clean. There is no need to talk about personal hygiene and tidy! Everybody know it! However, walking on the street, we can see many people who forgot to take shower (especially in summer), about existing of washing machine and ironing.


I recommend you to throw away all clothing with stains and holes! If you think nobody notice that little hole on your sleeve, I would say everybody see it!

One of my friend works as HR-manager. Once man came for an interview. Let’s call him John. He claimed for Head of sales department. He should contact with owner, heads of other departments, visit some important clients and, of course, manage his employees.

He showed his professional and personal skills, it was interesting to talk to him, but there was something HR-manager noticed from the first sight. Jon’s hair wasn’t clean, on cardigans’ sleeve she noticed little hole and little stain on shirt. He thought it’s so little things and nobody would notice it, but…

People always check us visually: posture, clothing, hairstyle, accessories. They do it automatically. Sometimes after “first check”, people try to avoid communication, they decide not to waste time. First impression is important!

At first sight, outfit, posture and business cards don’t mean that much, but, in fact, they play decisive role in communication.

Ask your close friend to make some photos and videos when you don’t see it. Like this, you will see how other people perceive you. Then you will understand which things in your behavior better to correct.

имидж влияния

It takes more than weeks to change your image completely, be patient. But results are worth it!

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