I spend a lot of time in shopping malls with clients. All shops get ready for New Year since November, but till today I wasn’t

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in mood for celebration. It’s just one week before holidays, but I didn’t have any feeling, any childish joy, anticipation for presents and belief

in Miracle. Whose falt is it? What to do? Where to go?

To tell the truth, it’s not a tradegy and cure is very simple: Spend time for yourself. Take a breath. Sometimes we spend to much time for others: take care, buy presents, cook delicious meals but totally forget about ourselves. We feel ourselves like squeezed lemon. Stop! Spend time for you. It can be manicure, walking around city or a cup of tea in cozy cafe. Pamper yourself!Think what you really want. What are you dreaming about? What can make you feel nice?Watch a good movie. Not only about Christmas and New Year, but any movie that makes you feel happy and light. My favorite movies for creating New Year’s mood are: “Home Alone”, 1990 “Four Christmases”, 2008 “The Holiday”, 2006 “A Christmas Carol”, 2009Decorate your home. Make some snowflakes, hang garlands, set a Christmas tree. Or you can also create bio Christmas tree by yourself. For example, this year I have knitted tree from my mother and decorated with beads by me.Creative work always makes us feel better and gives huge amount of positive emotions. If you think you can’t do anything – you are wrong! Everyone has a talent! If somebosy had ever say to you that you can’t draw, make snowflakes or decorate – forget it! It’s a lie! So let’s create something beautiful!

To listen to music is one of the best ways to create a mood for celebration! I’m sure you have some melodies to switch on your celebration mood! My favorite New Year’s songs are: Mariah Carey All I Want for Christmas Is You http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXQViqx6GMY Frank SinatraLet It Snow http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-b3iU-INDo George MichaelLast Christmas http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8gmARGvPlI I hope now it’s easy for you to get ready for New Year’s celebration!

P.S. If you still think about what should you wear for New Year’s Eve party I recommend you to read this article

Happy holidays!

All I need is Christmas mood!
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