Do you like T-shirts with funny lettering? It’s so cool to diversify your outfits, show individuality and create a good mood for yourself and people around. Nobody would say “You are boring” when you wear such a shirt!

Be careful! Sometimes top or jumper with inscription can damage your image! Trying to be unique, you can create image of stupid, limited and too cocky person!


Many times people don’t pay attention to meaning of the phrase. It can play malicious joke with women and man.


Last times men and women started to complain about why they couldn’t find long term relationships and they only have “one night contacts”. They are interesting personalities and they have a lot of things to share to the world! But before people say anything, their clothing already told a lot.



If you want to find good friends or some useful connections, avoid such writings:


Remember, education – is the power! Proper writing, rich speach and broad outlook make you interesting personality with whom people try to spend more time!


Alcohol, cigarettes and stupid jokes about sex won’t make you a cool dude!



Good over the free christain dating sites quit color. When it.

don’t forget to check mistakes! Sometimes chineese produsers don’t care about it!

Dear parents, watch out inscriptions on your kids clothing!



If you don’t know endlish – it’s time to learn it! Nowadays it’s not enought to know only your mother language. Don’t want to learn? At least use google translator 🙂

Remember, education is always in trend. Knowledge helps to achieve higher targets in life regardless of mass medias’ propaganda. It’s easier to manage silly and uneducated people!

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