Today I would like to talk about one of the most common dilemma in women’s head: how to combine color of shoes and bag right? Should it be the same color? Or we can break that rule? 

Many girls try to choose same color for bag and shoes. Sometimes they even ready to refuse unique and high quality bag, because they are not sure if it’s possible to find same color for the boots. But it’s so boring! If you always hold on to that rule, it can create an impression of a too much conservative person who is afraid of any experiment.

You would like to look chic and attractive!? Then next recommendations would be useful for you.

One of the main rules of stylish and harmonious outfit says: the most advantageous image is when you use tree colors in proportion 60-30-10 (main color, additional color and accent, %)


If you use to many colors and textures in clothing, you may visually disintegrate the figure and even “add” some extra kilos. One-two colors in image look boring.

So how to choose your bag right? Is there any important rules for choosing accessories? 

Size matters:

  • For miniature ladies with growth of up to 160 cm and feet in size up to 37, it is better not to choose large prints in clothes and accessories;
  • For ladies with average constitution (grows up to 170 cm and feet size up to 40) better to choose prints and accessories of middle size.
  • For ladies with large constitution (grows over 171 cm, feet size over 41 or overweight) is better to choose large prints and accessories. Small print visually makes you to look bigger.


Now it’s time to determine parts of your body that you are proud of and parts, which you prefer to hide. Slender legs, perfect waistline or gorgeous hips… and don’t say you have ugly figure, I won’t believe it! 

If you have slender legs, to attract attention to them, you can choose bright and unusual model of shoes. Bag can replicate one of colors in your clothing.



If you have gorgeous hips and even JLo and Kim Kardashian are jealous about it, so you can choose middle-size bag of vivid and contrast color. Better if it has long strap. Also you can use an extraordinary clutch. 

beige-bag bag-accent

To make accent on the waist you can choose bright or colorful belt. Bag can replicate one of the colors in clothing.

waist-accent waist-accent2
If you want to look taller and slender, it is better to choose shoes and clothes of the same color gamma, without strong contrast. Bag can be an accent or replicate shades in clothing. 



Should you wear same shades of bag, belt, scarf or gloves? In fact, there is no need for that. The most important is not to use too many color blocks, because it can make you look shorter and wider.

And the last: how many bags should woman have? Which colors are better? For sure, you can’t use one bag for every occasion. It’s good to have minimum 4 bags: laconic and elegant for everyday use (dark and light – for winter and summer), clutch for evening outfit and casual textile bag for sportive and comfy outfits.

It is important to buy high quality bag (better made of leather) which will be basic model for your outfits. The best colors are: black, dark-blue, dark-brown or dark-olive. It depends on colors which are dominating in your wardrobe.

In addition you can buy a model with an unusual print, embroidery or applique. Such a bag shouldn’t be very expensive. It will diversify your outfits. 

Now you can easily go for shopping and find your perfect bag! Enjoy it!

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Bag and shoes: how to combine
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