Only 50 days left before New Year! Many shops started to create New Year mood and allure us to do shopping for upcoming holidays.

It seems like we have enough time and it’s not that important what to wear for New Year’s Eve 2015. But time is running and I would like to share with you some trends for the New Year party to have enough time to choose the best outfits for you. We have a lot of occasions: corporate party at work, meetings with friends and family holiday.

It’s a well known fact that every year we try to choose our dress according to symbol of New Year and astrologers’ recommendations. We want all problems have remained in past and to make the New Year more happy and successful.


One can admit that dress which you chose according to the rules of astrologers and stylists can’t guarantee happiness. But don’t forget that our brain plays huge role in our life. So it’s very important how you set up yourself. So let’s create positive and happy mood!

New Year 2015 is a year of emerald goat or sheep. The most suitable colors for outfit are entire gamut of emerald and turquoise to deep blue and violet. You can use bright saturated colors and pastel shades as well. White, grey and beige are also actual.

new year dress

When you choose image for the New Year’s party don’t forget about relevance, suitable cut and colors which highlight your natural beauty. For instance, if your appearance has contrast between color of eyes, hair and skin, it’s better to pay attention for saturated dresses and contrast color combinations. If, for example, you have light brown hair, white skin and blue eyes – it’s better to use pale or pastel colors in outfits. It highlights the natural harmony of image. But it doesn’t mean you can’t use bright colors. You can choose saturated color for accessories (bag, shoes) to make it as accent or use unusual color combinations and contrasts in your look.

new years dress

If you like to use unusual contrasts in your image, you can use these colors in combination with main colors of the year 2015:

Green in combination with red, orange-red, red-violet, orange or violet;

Blue with orange, yellow-orange, orange-red and red;

Violet with yellow, lime, yellow-orange, green or orange;

Turquoise – with red, orange, yellow-orange, red-violet, yellow.

turquoise and red

It is better to use soft and natural fabrics: wool, cashmere, velvet and suede. Less suitable for the New Year’s outfit are smooth and shining materials. Astrologers recommend not to use synthetic materials.

When you choose clothing for New Year’s Eve, take a look on knitted and textured clothing. It can be an unusual knitted a dress or a sweater with embroidery or applique. Or you can try accessories such as scarf made of thick yarn or hand-made bag. By the way, all hand-made wares can help to diversify your image and create chic outfit. So it’s time to learn some techniques and create your unique accessories!

вязаные аксессуары

As a decoration for festive outfit you can choose wares made of wood, brooches in a form of sheep or goat (metal, hand-made from wool or polymers) or different crystals.  Wooden jewelry looks good with leather, linen, jersey, silk and wool. Felting wool brooches can be combined with jersey, cotton and silk. Metal and polymers are multifunctional, everything depends on your image and model of a dress.



Aquamarine, topaz, emerald and sapphire will look good with clothing made of wool, jersey and silk.

jewelry for new year

You can also use flowers as element of décor in your look.

When you choose jewelry, don’t forget that bracelets highlight sexuality, necklace – beautiful neck, rings – graceful hands, big earrings – attract attention to a face. Now you know main  secrets for choosing bojou!

When you choose length of dress – first think about your own preferences.This year long dresses, medium length dresses and short dresses with embroidery, lace, fringe and applique are in trend.

 how to choose dress for new year

gorgeous dress for new year 2015

Don’t forget that clothing for the New Year party should be not only beautiful but also comfortable. New Year’s Eve – is time when you should have fun and charge with positive energy. It’s not a proper time to worry because your dress is uncomfortable or too small. So choose suitable models for your body type and stop to think that your body is not perfect. You are gorgeous!

trousers for new years party

Remember one simple rule: if you choose shining dress, your accessories should be simple if you don’t want to look like New Year’s tree. Add beautiful makeup and hairstyle – еру stunning image is ready!

By the way, if we aretalking about hairstyle, you can choose curls, unusual braiding or retro-style. If you have short haircut – unusual styling with a small amount of styling products is the best choice for you. To look natural is in trend!

If you like a little bit crazy and fashionable hairstyle, you can add some blue or green strands. You can use not only hair coloring, but also you can buy artificial strands. It can cost you about 2-5$.

hairstyle for new year 2015

If you don’t want to buy special dress for New Year’s party, you can renew any of your clothing with a help of accessories. For example,  for New Year’s party 2015 you can choose scarf, bag or shoes in blue-green gamut.


And what about men? What you should wear to make your year more successful? You can choose dark-blue, grey or dark-green suit. You can use a tie of same color or choose bright green, red, neutral beige or mustard color. If you are going to celebrate in more informal atmosphere – choose jeans, chinos or trousers in combination with shirt, jumper, sweater or cardigan.

  мужской образ

I think, it doesn’t matter that much what you will wear in New Year’s Eve. The most important is to spend it in good company and with great mood!

The New Year’s party 2015: what to wear?
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