To go or not to go to Mercedes-Benz Fashion week?  “Yes-yes, of course, to go!” – I hear girls’ voices. Somehow every fashionista (or, sometimes, fashion victim) tries to go to fashion week, because it’s cool!I could post photo to Instagram and everyone will be jealous!”I will have lots of comments in Facebook!” That’s the feeling I have when I see girls on fashion week.

60-70% of visitors wear black, because, as they think, it’s the easiest way to look stylish and fashionable! Hey, guys, there are other colors, different models, layering and accessories! Don’t be afraid of experiments, stand out from the crowd and show your individuality! It’s so awesome! 

Not that many people goes to fashion show to inspire themselves, to look how designer expresses himself and  interprets trends. It is indicated by thousands of selfies and queue to white stand with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weeks’ brand.


This year I visited Fashion Week in Istanbul. I was busy and didn’t plan to go there, but there was one designer who attracted me. About one year ago, I have found Burçe Bekreks’ website and was interested in her work. Maybe, because she studied Image Consultancy and worked as Stylist? 😉


That’s why, when one of my friends invited to join him, I couldn’t refuse. The weather was perfect  and trip to Karaköy by ferryboat and walking to Antrepo 3 was pleasant and inspiring.




Let me tell you about Burçe Bekreks’ vision of trends for spring-summer season 2015. First, it’s geometric cutting and deep necklines.  We can see sharpened edge of the bodice, which helps to add volume and shape to the breast. Colors: black, beige and olive. Fabrics – dense and light, translucent, but always high quality. Models – feminine and with accent on waist.






Burce Bekrek: Runway - MBFWI Spring/Summer 2015

Clear lines perfect fit, minimalism, quality  are the core foundation of Burçe Bekreks’ creations.






Istanbul Fashion Week – my experience
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