Mostly women don’t use accessories and jewelry, because they don’t know how to choose and wear it right. Women have two extremes:  to wear too much decoration or not to wear anything.

3-4 years ago, before I started to study style and image, I also had problems with using accessories. I thought it’s very hard to choose bijouterie for every outfit, that’s why I didn’t buy any. I had only golden earrings, bracelet and rings. Now I understand how boring was it!

First, doesn’t matter how old you are, the most important to remember about the appropriateness. Vivid bijouterie like fruits or some cute bugs won’t look good if you work in bank, for example. Hearts and sculls will look strange on business lady. And if young girl wear too many jewelry with gold,  diamonds and other precious metals she get reputation of girl who like shout the odds. To be sure, you choose your accessories right for every sphere of your life, use the rule: the more high your social status, the more straight your jewelry should be.

young girl business lady

So if you are top-manager in company you should use minimum and straight accessories. If you work in creative environment – your choice can be free.

Second, don’t forget “The rule of three pieces” which say us not to use more than three pieces of jewelry at once (earrings+ring, earrings+necklace, bracelet+necklace+ring, necklace+ring+ring). It’s better to look lowly rather than like Christmas tree.  Wedding ring is an exception for this rule.

How to choose which one is better: necklace, bracelet or earrings? For such a hard question I have some recommendations:

  • —  If you want to show beautiful fingers or manicure – choose bright ring.
  • —  To show decolette line and beautiful neck – choose necklaces and beads
  • —  To attract attention to a face – wear vivid earrings, beautiful hairpin or a hair hoop.
  • —  To show your sexuality – choose bracelet or unusual model of watches.

Also, to balance your image, you can use next advice. As upper and lower part of body should be proportional, when you wear huge necklace your upper part look more massive. To solve this problem, you can choose piece of bijouterie for upper part of body (necklace, brooch, earrings) and for lower part (bracelet, ring). So you won’t have feeling that something is missing.

gold and silver together

Third, don’t wear jewelry made of golden and silver metals together. Only if these metals combined in same piece, it won’t look bad. And again wedding ring is exception. Don’t forget that combining items made of silver and gold with cheap bijouterie is bad idea.

Also don’t forget about your facial features to create harmonious image. There are concepts like soft and rugged facial features. We talked about it in the article about necklines, but let’s repeat it again.

soft and rugged features

To define which facial features you have, let’s have a look on next characteristics.

Soft facial lines include:

Eyebrows: rounded

Eyes: rounded, oval

Cheeks: full, rounded

Nose: rounded, full

Lips: full, rounded

Chin: rounded

Rugged features are characterized by:

Eyebrows: straight, angular,

Eyes: almond-shaped,

Cheeks: prominent cheekbones

Nose:  thin, straight

Lips: thin, straight

Chin: square, sharp.

Look in the mirror and put marks in this list. If you have more soft characteristics – choose soft and rounded shape for bijouterie. It helps to create harmonious look.


If you have more characterstics for rugged facial features – choose straight, hard and sharp lines in jewelry to create your outfit.

rugged jewelry

Maybe you have fifty-fifty soft and rugged characteristics. It means you can choose different shapes for jewelry. You just need to decide which impression you want to create.

Remember, sharp, hard and straight lines help to create an image of authoritarian and straight person.

If you need to create impression of kind person, use soft and rounded lines in jewelry.

Now let’s talk about age. Many women afraid to talk about it! Wrinkles, face color and body shape may change… but I think every age has its own charm.

Young girls younger than 25 years can easily choose bijouterie. Variety of jewelry helps to express themselves. But if you wear items made of gold and silver every day it makes you look older. Dear girls, leave it for future! Now it’s time to make experiments with color, shape and material!


Ladies in the age of 25-30 should be more careful about choosing bijouterie. Times of Mikey Mouse and fairytales passed. Different bijouterie for work and leisure can perfectly highlight mood and individuality!


Ladies 30+ must check the quality of jewelry. It’s better to have little but good quality bijouterie. Shabby metal, cheap plastic, seams and burrs on the material easily turn your charming outfit in cheap one.

ladies 30+

Ladies 40+50+. For this age you can easily choose precious metals, but also don’t forget about bijouterie. Be careful when you choose it. Colorful vivid items or fairytales heroes create a image of women which afraid of her age and put all efforts to look younger. Laconic shapes and good quality are the main landmarks for choosing jewelry.


To choose right color for bijouterie you should remember some rules. As necklaces and earrings are close to face, it’s important to choose color that fits your color direction. Otherwise jewelry can highlight little wrinkles, make skin color pale and crash general impression.

If you have a contrast between color of hair, eyes and skin (ex. Dark hair, white skin, green eyes), you need to keep it in memory while choosing bijouterie. Accessories shouldemphasizecontrastgivenbynature.

You can choose jewelry exactly the same tone as your clothing or create a contrast and catch attention on some parts of your body.

Before buying bijouterie, think carefully is it suit to other elements of your wardrobe. To make good investment, jewelry should easily combine with the most of your clothing.

Surely, personal style – it’s experiments and research all the time. I hope this article helps you to look the most attractive and special. If this article is useful for you, please, leave a comment below and I will see which topics are the most interesting for my followers.

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