How much space does your cosmetic bag occupy? How many products do you use every day and how many totally fit you? Do you know which product is missing for creating perfect make-up? Continuing the topic about basic things for women, I would like to talk about basic decorative cosmetics. My list of minimum must-have products that help women to highlight natural beauty and feel more beautiful, contains: 1. Foundation. For summer and winter season, you should have different shades and textures. In the summer time our skin gets some tan and weather is hot, so winter foundation may not fit perfectly. Foundation cream must suit your skin type. It shouldn’t be more dark than 1-1.5 tones of your natural skin color. shot 919 2. Powder is a must-have in your cosmetics bag, because it helps to create long-lasting make-up and easily shade eye shadows and blushes with dry texture. Remember the rule: products with dry texture we put on powder, liquid products – without powder. face powder 3. Liquid concealer – I recommend to buy only for problematic skin. Remember, if you put too much of products it only highlights the problem. Good skin care and proper diet help you to fight with many problems. concealer 4. Nude eye shadows palette (colors from ivory to dark brown or dark gray, warm or cool shades, depending on your natural characteristics). With such palette,you can easily create daily and evening make-up. Better if it is satin eye shadows. Pearl eye shadows look too much festively, matt ones – sometimes hard to shade and look too conservative. тениt03-500x500
nude pallete Why better to choose brown shades? Gray also fits to everybody! But because brown is a part of healthy skin color, it helps to create natural make-up and highlight beauty. Gray color is color of wrinkles, so you should be very careful with it and not to make yourself older. 5. Mascara. mascara 6. Eye brow liner (if you need it)

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or matt eye shadows from your daily makeup palette. It helps you to make eyebrows brighter and highlight shape. But don’t use black color! 7. Lipbalm. загруженное
8. Lip liner (2 units – nude and bright color) – mixing with lipsticks and lipglosses, helps to create hundreds of colors. mac-lip-pencil If you don’t like to use lip liner, you can replace it with lip stick or lip gloss (nude and bright color). 9. Blushes (please, don’t think I’m talking about corrector for face modeling!) of natural shades: pink, peach, light pink, reddish-pink. Such colors help you to look younger. blush By the way, matt or satin texture of eye shadows (for example, light brown) can be used as corrector for face modeling! Additional things which are very important: – eye make-up remover (mono- or biphase). Stop to torture your eyelashes with soap or face foam. Like this, you dry the structure of your eyelashes and it become shorter; – tweezers – helps your eyebrows to be perfect every day. So this was my list of the most important decorative products in women’s bag. With such cosmetics bag you can always look good and elegant.

Must-have for your cosmetic bag!
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