If to write in Google search “Basic wardrobe” or “Capsule wardrobe” you can find thousands advices what such wardrobe should consist. Reading articles, I couldn’t understand what is the main difference between them. In that case, how could I understand which one is better? What should I do with my own wardrobe? Fortunately, now I’m working as personal stylist and I can share some details about building perfect wardrobe.

Basic wardrobe is minimum set of closing and accessories, which help you to create looks for every occasion in your life. It consist from universal clothing, with simple design, same color range, perfect models for your body type, for your color type and life style.

Basic wardrobe also includes minimum amount of accessories and jewelry, which helps to create much more interesting outfits. Bags, shoes, jewelry and scarves are perfect to combine with each other, create a full and completed image.


Basic clothing, depending on targets of your wardrobe, can include:

– classic trousers or jeans, fits your body type

– classic or casual jacket

– skirt

– universal little dress (read more here)

– blouse or shirt (2-3 pieces, different colors)

– jumper withUorV-neckline

– 3 bags (depending on targets of wardrobe): classic for everyday use, casual for everyday use and clutch.

– 2 pair of shoes for each season

– scarves

– jewelry

– belt

– headwear

Without basic clothing it’s hard to create quality image and not fulfill wardrobe with lots of dresses.

Basic wardrobe is long-term investment, so all fabrics for clothing, leather for shoes and bags should be high quality.


What is capsule wardrobe? From Wikipedia: “Capsule wardrobe is a term coined by Susie Faux, the owner of a London boutique called “Wardrobe” in the 1970s. According to Faux, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that will not go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers, and coats, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces”.

So, when to your basic wardrobe you add clothing for different season, diversity of models, create from it set (capsules), we get capsule wardrobe. So we can add:

– blouse or shirt (different patterns, unusual models)

– jumper with U or V-neckline (different colors)

– T-shirt (2-3, different style and color)

– cardigan

A good addition also can be waistcoat. It helps to create business and casual look. But it should suit to your body type.

 We can create such capsules for each area of our life: work, home, sport, walking and for each season. Each element of wardrobe clearly laid out, wardrobe is organized, and there is no “unuseful” and “lonely” things.

basic-wardrobe1Very comfortable to make a photo of each outfit and put it on wardrobe door or on the wall

basic-wardrobe2 basic-wardrobe3basic-wardrobe13

Now let’s talk about singularities of creating your perfect wardrobe. It would be wrong to say each wardrobe must have a pencil skirt, white shirt or beige trench coat etc. These clothes may not fit to your body type, color type or lifestyle.

I think, many woman should pay more attention to suitability of wardrobe to their lifestyle. With numerous wardrobe revisions, I have noticed a trend: we may try a little to choose clothing accordingly to color type or body type, but totally forget about where we can wear these dress or blouse. That’s why thousands of “one-use” or “no-use” clothing gathering dust in hundreds wardrobes. Especially this situation getting critical point after midseason sales.


It is very important to analyze and think before shopping. Of course, it doesn’t matter you should totally get rid of spontaneous purchases when you fall in love from the first sight with a dress or top. Lifebecomeboringafterit! But before buying something, think, which clothing you have are easy to combine with new dress. If you can create less than 2 outfits – better refuse such purchase and not to clutter your clothet.

Clothıng should work for you, no other way round

So, your basic wardrobe should consist of simple design clothing and universal colors (dark-blue, dark-brown, black, dark-gray) and perfectly suit to your body and color type. Itisskeletonofagoodwardrobe. After you can add more unusual items with unique design and colors. Itwillhelptodiversifyyourimage.

basic-wardrobe5 basic-wardrobe9basic-wardrobe6

What principles important to follow to create your ideal wardrobe?

  1. On a sheet of paper write how many time you spend at:

– work

– home

– walking, meetingwithfriends

– sport, hobby

– celebrations

2. Analyze your closet. What basic clothing you need? Clothes for which sphere of life is not enough? What kind of dresses are too many in the wardrobe?

3. Which accessories you need to change? Whichoneyoudon’thave?

4. In what condition your shoes are?

After you realize what you need, your main target is to build “skeleton” from basic clothing. It’ll be the most important purchases for next shopping. After you created a base, pay attention to shoes. Choose models which easy to combine with all basic clothing.


Bag, scarves and jewelry – the final stage. It should chord with every single item of wardrobe and all together.

Is it important to buy same color bag and shoes? No. It’s better to choose shoes which fit to your cloth color, not only to bag. Thus, if you suddenly decided to change your bag, it won’t destroy your outfit and there is no need to buy a new bag.



  1. Your wardrobe have to fit your body type, color type and lifestyle.
  2. You should all the time “keep under control” your clothing and on time change “dying” elements.
  3. To create your ideal wardrobe, you should exactly know how much time you spend for each part of your life (job, walking, home etc.). It save you from useless purchases.
  4. Your wardrobe should consist of 70% simple closing which easy to combine and 30% – vivid dresses, different textures and unusual prints.
  5. Accessories – your chief assistants in creating of amazing outfit!


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