“Honey, please, don’t make any plan for next weekend. My parents will come, I want to introduce you to them…”

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Sooner or later in girl’s life come moment of meeting with His parents.  In fact, there is nothing terrible and frightful in it, but stereotypes in our heads saying different. We start to worry without reason.  What to wear? How to behave? What if they won’t like me? What if his mother won’t like me? Because we know how much it’s important to be in good relations with her. We read thousand articles, heard millions stories when mother-in-law tried to break couple if she didn’t like a girl!

Wait! Wait! Wait! Let’s be calm! Dating with parents – it’s not that horribly as  sometimes we think! Also I prepared some useful recommendations, which can help you.

Let’s discuss how to behave and make his parents love you from the first time:

  1. Be sincere. If you play a role, which is against your feelings, parents will feel that (of course, if you are not FBI agent). Don’t be afraid to answer their questions, tell them more about you, ask them about their hobby, places they have visited together. Before meeting you may ask some questions to your boyfriend.
  2. Don’t be afraid. It’s not an exam, not questioning or trial. Don’t try to find tricks in their questions. Just imagine if you have a son. You also would like to know more about a girl your son with.  Don’t be afraid to tell them about your hobbies and interests.
  3. Smile. Light and friendly smile always help you to achieve better results in communication.
  4. Don’t be silent. Try to talk with parents on simple topics. Travelling, hobbies, flowers, funny stories from childhood – you can talk easily.

One of my clients told me a story. Her husband is Italian. When a few years ago she should meet his parents, she didn’t know Italian that good. And parents – didn’t talk English. Girl was worrying a lot but couldn’t cancel meeting. She told about herself and she couldn’t say anything… But his parents were curious about girl and her family, so with the help of gestures, signs and few words they communicated all the night. So, you can find a way in any situation.


  1. Now it’s time to talk about main part. Your look. Before you start to talk, people evaluate you by your outfit. And parents are not an exception! It’s very hard to correct first impression! That’s why, when you choose a dress for meeting with parents, remember some main components of lucky outfit:

 – tidy hair, simple hairstyle, not much hair spray, gel and other styling cosmetics;

neat manicure;

narutal makeup. Please! Even if you meet with his parents in the restaurant at night don’t use fake eyelashes and kilograms of sparkles;

your clothing should fit the situation. Dress with high heels won’t be good for picnic;

forget about short tops, mini-skirts, tight dresses, meshed tights, transparent clothing, be careful and choose right underwear for your jeans, don’t let the world to see it.

–  you should feel comfortable in clothing;

–  closing should fit your body type and be your size.

             If you are going to meet with His parents, try to make your outfit more natural. Try to avoid an abundance of hard lines and shapes in your image. Angles and rough fabrics create an impression of rigidity and authoritarianism. It’s good choice for office, but parents want to know woman, not business star.

To create impression of kind and friendly person you can use:

soft fabtics: knit, soft cotton, mohair, angora, cashmere, viscose, acrylic;

soft and rounded shapes: rounded necklines, soft draperies, non-rigid lines in prints;

soft lines in the accessories: the rounded corners of the bag, rounded jewelry, hat with soft fields;

matte fabrics;

not contrast and pastel color combinations make your image more feminine and gentle.

pastel outfit

Of course, if by nature you are active girl with contradictory character, you will feel uncomfortable in such “soft and sweet” image. For example, you can choose rounded neckline for your top, soft fabrics and add sharp shaped jewelry. So you demonstrate, you are kind person, but with surprise – an acute character.

dating outfit

Let’s talk more about color!

For meeting with parents I recommend not to use business and straight colors: blue cobalt, brown, black and red. These colors are good at work because they show you as serious and responsible person.

what to wear for meeting with parents

For dating with His parents you can choose:

emerald green (harmony, love to nature);

turquoise (friendly, calm person);

light blue shades (harmony, friendly, fidelity, value of relations);

orange (positive, friendly, easygoing);

pastel pink (gives the impression of tenderness, femininity, softness);

coral (saturated coral gives impression of cheerfulness, movement, readiness to act. Pastel coral  shows femininity, gentleness, humility, absence of conflicts and a good mood);

–  yellow (joy, optimism, friendly);

 lime (infinitely positive and harmonious person, such a person is easy and pleasant to communicate).

lime outfit for parents

I hope these advices make your choice easier.

what to wear for dating

 In conclusion, I would like to say: think about good. Stop to adjust yourself that all will be bad and worry without reason! If your man decided to introduce you to his parents, he feels confident about you, prouds of you and just wants to make a bridge between people he loves.

You still have doubts they will like you? 😉


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