From time to time everyone makes wardrobe revision. Usually it happens in two cases. First -when there is complete chaos in the wardrobe and we can’t find anything to wear. Second is when we have special occasion and we should find something nice to wear.

In both situations you just understand that there is nothing to wear and you have to do shopping.

Mostly people don’t understand why they should invite wardrobe stylist or image-consultant to check their wardrobe? Some people wondering actually what is kind of profession to come to somebodies home and rummage in clothing?

As I’m not surprise for such a question, today I want to share with you 5 main differences between self-made revision and wardrobe analysis with personal stylist.

  1. Targets and tasks

Mostly, when you make wardrobe revision by yourself, you just carefully folding and replace from shelf to shelf your clothing. A few people think about what they need to make their outfits perfect and suitable for different places. A few think about what impression they make. Unfortunately, generally the impression we make is quite different to what we want and imagine.

After wardrobe revision with stylist you always know what to wear, how to combine clothing to make a right impression. Usually before wardrobe revision image-consultant or personal stylist learn more about you: your lifestyle, aims and preferences. After that he or she makes a plan in his head, create an image for you. Image-maker not only chooses right clothing for you, but also thinks carefully about impression you will make in different situations. Let’s say, he creates a special code with your clothing, thinks about even little details of your look.


  1. Color, model and cut

         When we make shopping and wardrobe analysis by ourselves, we choose everything depending on our mood. A lot of my clients kept clothing of colors that don’t fit them, but they like that color a lot. There were a lot of high quality clothes, but color makes skin pale… In wardrobes I found great amount of new “lonely” things with labels that never have been worn before because you don’t know how to combine it with other stuff in your wardrobe.  That is like you have clothes in closet, but there is still nothing to wear!

            Men and women get used to buy same cut and color clothing, because once they got some compliments about the way they look. But we change: get and lose weight, change hair color – it’s absolutely normal! And that’s why we have to regularly review our closet!

           Too many people become so accustomed to some models and colors that they think there is no other king of clothing and there is nothing else can make them beautiful. They are afraid to take a risk, to try something new and to look ridiculous. And at the same time mostly they look outdated…

           How does wardrobe stylist do it? First of all, he explains you how to choose colors and color combinations accordingly to your natural characteristics. A lot of clients prefer to have a personal consulting with style and image book before wardrobe review.


            Wardrobe stylist on your example explains which length, cut, model, patterns and details make you more attractive. After revision you always sure that you choose right clothing.

  1. Objectivity or let’s get rid of unnecessary stuff !

With self-analysis of the wardrobe it’s very hard to objectively evaluate thecondition of clothes, does it fit your body type, and does color looks good on you.  Because many things have their own unique story! How can you without remorse just throw it away?

I just remembered words of my client, a beautiful girl a little bit older than 30 years: “ How can I throw out this dress? I was wearing it at the university and get a lot of compliments! I have so good memories about it… I will wear it only on vacation! I swear!”

throw away

Many customers think that stylist quite mercilessly throws the most favorite things. But wardrobe stylist objective assessment the condition of dress. His main target – to help you to liquidate the perennial problem of “nothing to wear”, to remind how much you are beautiful and make you happier and more successful.   Because the way we look and feel ourselves has very strong influence on our achievements and level of happiness!

 There is no need to be afraid that stylist will reject a great part of your wardrobe. It happens not often. Specialist adequately evaluate each element of the wardrobe, explain why you should throw this dress and advise how can you rescue not that good fitting dress by completing it with accessories.

wardrobe review

  1. All  new things – it is…

Totally right, it is forgotten old things!  During self-made wardrobe revision it’s very hard to look at old good looking clothing with a new look. It’s pretty hard to create a new interesting outfit by adding just new accessories! Such clothes just lays in shelf and keep a dust on it.  And here personal stylist can help you! With a fresh look he can create unbelievably stylish and fashionable outfit. Sometimes clients are shocked because they didn’t expect they ever wear that dress again.

  1. A photographic memory

How often do you create “ready looks” from your clothing while wardrobe analysis? How often do you use ready sets in your daily life? From my experience I know, even if you decided to combine old clothing with new purchases, your enthusiasm finishes fast… it takes a lot of time and you even not sure does it justifies the effort…

After wardrobe review with personal stylist you have photos with all looks you can make from your clothing. After collaborating with stylist you also have shopping-list with things you need toto buy to create totally prefect and useful closet. You economize an impressive amount of money because all of your purchases fits your wardrobe and highlight the right image. You will understand the rules of creating stylish outfits, won’t be afraid of experiments and will get a lot of compliments!

Whatever you do in your life, the most important is a result. No doubts, after long-time self-investigation and searching for methods of wardrobe building and analysis you can achieve a good result. But does it worth to delay something you can easily get today? Isn’t it better to use professional services to achieve your targets faster and create ideal wardrobe? Closet which gives joy and helps to reach life goals is so close!


By thy way, for those you still afraid of someone burrows into wardrobe, I’m happy to let you know that now On-line wardrobe revision is available!

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