Calendar autumn will start after 19 days, but it’s time to get ready for it! Let’s check what trends are waiting for us this fall-winter season and choose those, which highlight our beauty and personal style.

What is fashionable in fall-winter season 2014-2015? First of all, designers suggest to choose clothing which fits us and don’t copy outfits from podium without thinking.

Couturier pay attention to the shape and cutting of clothes: clean straight lines, precision and geometric – the main components of the fashionable outfit. This fall-winter season eclectic (mixing of different styles) prevails over the usual looks. Feminine is on the second plan. In autumn and winter collections we see more androgynous and masculine’s images.


Black. Well, it’s hard to imagine autumn and winter without black color. But there is no need to make black total look. This color doesn’t fit to everyone.

For those who can’t live without black color, I recommend to try fabrics with different texture and models with décor. It’ll help to diversify “black look” and make it elegant and luxurious.


Also this autumn season designers relished various shades of blue: from sky-blue to color of clouds before storm or sky after the sunset. One of the fashionable combinations is combination of black and blue.

This year couturier use red color very often. Although we can see red almost all collections. Thanks to the variety of products texture every piece looks originally and individually.


Some seasons ago burgundy color (also known as color of wine) was very famous and every fashionista had clothing of this color. This fall-winter season it’s again become popular. Designers persistently recommend to try one of colors from wine palette: cold or warm plum shades, maroon or brown shades of bugundy.

In fall-winter season 2014-2015 in collections of designers we can also see bright colorful attires. Mostly people prefer to choose restrained colors and such a bright dress won’t leave you overlooked. For instance, yellow and different shades of it (citron, the color of an autumn leaf) help to overcome an autumn melancholy, Fuchsia – will add some mystery to your image.

3color bloking

We hear about Color blocking not the first season. This fall 2014 you can bold combine 3-4 bright colors or add colorful accessories to your pastel look. But remember, for color blocking you should use simple design of clothing and monochromic fabrics. Motley pattern, ruffles and decorative elements make outfit tasteless and too much colorful.

Do you like to use discreet tones in clothing? You should try pastel pink, sandy-beige and different ashy shades of these colors. Don’t forget, if your hair is dark and skin is white you should add saturated color to your outfit, to keep the natural harmony of the image.

Prints and patterns

This year couturier are inspired by geometry, op-art and fairytales about forest. Pictures of wolves, owls, foxes, squirrels, trees and optical illusions – are popular prints for fall-winter season 2014-2015.


For girls who in love with romantic style, designers keep summer floral print into the autumn and made it more pale.


Do you like plaid fabric? I think it’s impossible not to wear it in cold season, because even look on it makes you feel warm. This fall-winter season it is not an exception.

Very popular are embroidery and applique. Couturiers decorated tops, evening dresses and midseason coats.

Silhouette and materials

As I mentioned before, masculine’s closing is on the first foreground: trouser suits made of satin and fine wool are quite common in the autumn-winter collections 2014-2015.


If you don’t know what model of coat to choose, you should know this season capes and coats with huge lapels are actual. Length – shortor below average.


Cold season without fur is like summer without floral print. Fur coats of bright colors or interesting prints are must have of autumn-winter 2015. You can try long haired fur coat light or pastel colors.

Every autumn-winter season we can find some interesting models made of leather. This year is not an exception. We can find not only leather coats, but also trousers, skirts, dresses and even coveralls.

For people who prefer to wear comfortable, couturiers recommend to try bomber jacket made of different fabrics (leather, cashmere, neoprene, boucle, silk). It’s easy to combine with trousers, jeans, leggings, mini-skirt and long dresses. Bomber jacket is perfect if you got bored from your normal jacket! Also don’t forget to try on quilted jacket. This sportive model discount cialis is very relevant this fall.


If you think sweater is boring and corny, models of this season overpersuade you! Bulky sweaters with different decorative elements (fringe, spines, frills, sophisticated plaiting) are independent pieces and not only for making body warm.

It seems in cold weather better to dress warmly… but for romantic persons designers are recommend to try dresses made of light and translucent fabrics. To highlight feminine and delicacy of the image, don’t forget to supplement your outfit with leather coat, fur waistcoat or woolen cardigan.


We could see different models of velvet dresses and skirts on the podium. But you should be careful with this fabric, it can make you look 5-10 years older than you are. There is no need to make total velvet outfit. You will look much more elegant of you choose velvet dress or jacket and diversify your ensemble with a smooth details like ballerinas, coarse boots or laconic bag.

Now you know the main trends of fall-winter season 2014-2015. As you see there is a huge space for experiments! You just need to decide what will make you the most beautiful, individual and stylish!

What trend will you choose for you?

Fashionable outlook. Autumn – no time for boredom!
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