How to choose right neckline for your body and face type? Actually, do we have to? I say yes! If we choose right neckline for our top we can visually correct oval of the face, make our neck shorter or longer, shoulder line – wide or narrow. It also can make us look taller and slimmer.

Seems incredible? So let’s find a truth!

To select your right neckline for tops, dresses, T-shirts and blouses you need to look on some features of your body:

  1. Face type
  2. Length of the neck
  3. Body type
  4. Breast Size

 How to choose neckline taking into account your face type?

First of all, I would like to divide all cutouts in 2 types:

elongated cutouts – cutouts that forcing eye to look top-down, on vertical

wide cutouts – cutouts that forcing eye to look from side to side, on horizontal

 Elongated narrow necklines visually make neck longer, face and body – slimmer. Wide necklines, vice versa, make your neck shorter and face – wider.

 So, if you have a wide face, horizontally oriented cutouts will make it more wide. It’s better to choose necklines which more long than wide. For example, V-shaped or U-shaped cutout would be great.

If you have a narrow face and small facial features, it’s better to choose wide cutouts.


In stylistics there are such a notions as soft and rugged facial features. If your face type is  oval, circle, heart or pear, nose, eyes, eye brows and lips have soft shape that mean you have soft facial features. Accordingly, to make your total look harmonious, you should choose rounded and softened neckline. Try on oval, heart-shaped, rounded or U-shaped cutout.

If your face type is triangle, square, rectangle/long or diamond, yourlips, nose, eyes, eyebrows have straight or sharply bentlines, most probably you have rugged facial features. In that case, to create harmonious look, choose V-shaped, rectangular and other sharp geometrical cutouts.     


How to choose neckline taking into account your body type?

Narrow long cutouts make you look slimmer. Visually it also narrows shoulder line. Horizontal necklines, vice versa, amplify shoulders line. That’s why it’s very important to remember about your body type while you trying different necklines.

If your shoulders wider than hips, to make your look balanced and harmonious, wear different vertical cutouts.

If you have narrow shoulders and wide hips – pay attention on horizontal cutouts.

If you have doubts what kind of neckline to choose, try on not deep V-shaped or U-shaped cutout. It’s universal options that fits to all constitutions.

Can I correct breast size by using different necklines?

Sure! Some girls would like to make their breast bigger, others – to make it smaller. But there is no need to make a surgery! 

Just remember some tips:

–       To make breast visually bigger, use frills, draping, pleats on the bodice, plaid fabric, cutout “heart”, bustier


–      To make breast visually smaller, use vertical and diagonal detailed necklines. It’s important not to use too much deep decollete and tightly closed neckline. Not deep V-shaped, U-shaped or rounded cutout will look great.


To summarize the article, I want to notice that right chosen neckline helps:

–          To look slimmer

–          To balance figure

–          To correct body features

–          To highlight natural harmony of image

I hope you can easily apply these recommendations and get 1000000 compliments!

If you have any question about choosing neckline – feel free to ask in comments!

How to choose your neckline right?
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