If you open list of Top 10 must-have clothing in your wardrobe, for sure you will find a LBD (Little Black Dress).

In one of my articles, I mentioned that I don’t have Little Black Dress and today I’m going to tell you why.

Yes, from one side, it’s all-purpose dress and it’s easy to combine black with other colors. But the main problem is – black color doesn’t suit to everybody. Beside the face it may show even little wrinkles, make skin color lackluster and make total look like you need a vacation.

So what we can do? Do fashion magazines and style guru lie to us? What kind of universal dress we can choose?

Well, I agree, every woman should have a Universal Little Dress (ULD). So you can easily combine it with other clothing and create a lot of outfits for different occasions. But color can be not only black. You should choose color depending on your natural characteristics. Dress must show your beauty and you have to feel comfortable in it.

How to choose your ULD right? Don’t forget about:

  1. Cutting. Design of such a dress should be perfect for your body type. It can be not only shift dress. You can choose any simple design that fits your body type.

Dress shouldn’t be very tight, you have to feel free and comfortable in it.

типы фигур 2

типы фигур 1

For “The Slender Hourglass” and “The

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Full Hourglass” it can be any dress with waist accent. Dress should cling, but not to swift your body.

песочные часы

“The inverted triangle”, “The Rectangle” and “The Slender Column” can choose straight cut dress.

Прмое платье

For “Triangle” good choice is waist cutted dress.


“The Circle” can choose A- silhouette dress.


  1. Your little dress should be with minimum details (stitching, cutouts). Avoid decorative elements such as pockets, frills, lots of buttons and etc. Forget about guipure and lace! If dress has lace or translucent fabrics it’s automatically become not suitable for business dress code.

If you want to buy a dress with sleeves – it should be narrow and with no decoration.

  1. Length. To choose right length of dress again we have to look on body type and your proportions. ULD shouldn’t be short. The optimal length is just above or just below the knee.
  2. Fabrics. ULD will help you in lots of situations. It’s long term investment to your wardrobe, so don’t be stingy, choose good and high quality fabrics. It should be monochrome color, with no flickering and relief, made of natural materials.
  3. Color. As I told before, not all women can wear black color. To make your dress all-purpose, you can try colors such as: dark blue, dark-brown, black-brown, dark-green, maroon, dark-gray, dark-olive or plum.

Why all colors that I recommend are dark? Because you can easily wear dark and pale colors for a work and a party. You just need to change accessories.

So let’s summarize info about your amazing ULD: it should be perfect for your body type, it should has simple design and color must highlight your natural beauty!

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Be adorable and remember: to be stylish – to be yourself!

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