Summer…Sun… Fever…Everything is melting… But it doesn’t mean you have to forget about cosmetics! You just need to correct your make-up routine… 🙂 Let’s figure out secrets of summer makeup!


For a beginning let me to be a little bit boring: you should clean skin with mousse or cleaning foam, then clean it with face lotion and put day cream. Yes! There is no other way! In the summer time our skin needs cleaning and moistening. That’s why better to change nutritious cream for moisturizing. Even if you think, skin is oily. Mostly oily skin shows wrong skin care.  It’s thirsty! It needs moisture. That’s why in summer time it’s wrong decision not to use any cream or cream-gel. You just need to find a light texture, which your skin will love.

skin care

If your skin dehydrated, check cream composition. Better if it contains hyaluronic acid, agave extract, olive oil, vitamin E, urea (carbamide).

By the way, not long time ago I discovered Excipial U Hydrolotion. It contains huge amount of carbamide and it helps to retain moisture in the skin. I put it before my day cream. If in pharmacy you find Excipial U Lypolotion – keep it for winter time, it’s perfectly nurtures skin.


Also for summer you need cream with Sun Protection Filter (SPF). Depends on skin type (brown or white) use SPF 20-30.

Well, enought about skin care!


For summer makeup it’s important not to use too much decorative cosmetics. You don’t want to look like melted ice-cream, do you? If you want to use foundation, better to choose light texture. For example, fluid foundation or BB-cream. Choose color carefully. Your winter foundation may be too white and too heavy for summer.

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If your skin is perfect, I recommend to use translucent face powder. It hides superfluous shine and makes skin ready for makeup.

Why it’s important to put powder under compact or powdery eye shadows? It is everything about texture. Eye shadows has dry texture, eyelid skin – wet. If you put some powder before makeup – it’s easier to shade cosmetics. Economy of time, energy and long lasting makeup are guaranteed!


I recommend to use eye brow pencil only if your nutaral eyebrows are thin and you need to draw it. If you need just to make color brighter – make permanent coloring in the beauty salon or use special eyebrow shadows. After that, you can put some gel for eyebrows to fixate the shape.


Eye makeup is so individual! Someone love to use liner, someone prefer to put shades, others – just use mascara. My main rule for summer makeup is to remember where you are going. Summer pushes on us to use vivid colors, but it’s unacceptable for office. To diversify your summer makeup you can try colorful liner: dark blue, dark turquoise, dark green or dark aubergine.


For women in elegant age 45+ it’s better to avoid sparkling textures. It may highlight wrinkles and make you look older.


Gloss, lipstick or lip lacquer – you are free to choose! But don’t forget to put some lip balm before to make your lips always soft and perfect for kisses!

If you want lipstick or lip gloss to stay longer – use lip liner. Don’t forget some important rules:

don’t make a line out of your natural contour. Because of summer fever, it melts and makes you look like a clown.

don’t put too much lip gloss. In the pursuit of “wet lips effect” women put half of lip glosses bottle on lips and then it spreads all around the face. Put some of lip gloss in the middle of lips, it gives some volume and won’t ruin makeup.

it’s important to shade your lip liner to the center of lips.  There should be no visible border between liner and natural color of lips.


To put it or not – depends only on your taste. Someone likes to add some colors to face, others – enjoy natural blushes. For summer it’s better to use light textures such as cream or gel blushes. And don’t forget about rule: liquid texture – no powder, compact and dry texture – put some powder before.


I want to remind you one more time, you should put cosmetical blushes on a place of your natural blush.  Cheekbone correction is heavy and takes too much time for everyday use. Also it’s kind of men correction, makes us look older and mostly using in photo shooting and TV to give shape to a face. Anyway, you should be careful, know your face structure and practice a lot!



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Summer makeup: hot secrets
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