To look stylish you should… and then you can find a huge list of rules… How not to get confused? Is there any way to brake all those rules?

Let’s forget about celebrities, because they have to attract attention and be on the first pages of magazines. Today I want to talk about ordinary women who want to look stylish and pretty.

So let’s figure out which stylish rules we can easily break and which rules better to keep in our head.

1. The same color of bag, belt and shoes. This is a classical rule. But you can easily break it. It’s so hard and boring to keep this rule, sometimes it’s impossible to find same color of bag for high heels you fell in love with!


Here are some tips to make your look attractive and harmonious:

– if you want to accentuate your thin waist – use bright belt

– if you want to show your amazingly beautiful legs – wear colorful shoes

unusual bag will highlight your style and, depends on its size, can accentuate your hips or beautiful hands.

2. The same color of lipstick and nail polish. You can easily break this rule. Colorful nails became as accessories that show our mood. Today it’s pink, tomorrow – dark turquoise, the day after – funny paintings. Also you can use your favorite color as nail polish if it’s not suitable for lipstick.


Lipstick or nail polish can be an accent in your outfit and make a contrast with color of your dress.

3.There should be not more than 3 colors in your outfit. The most harmonious look is if you use “60-30-10 rule” (main color, additional and accent, in %). You can break this rule, but you should be careful. Colors should fit each other and not to make your figure disproportional. And the most important – don’t forget where you are going. In business dress-code you can’t use more than 3 colors.

4. Don’t wear more than 3 pieces of jewelry at once. Yes, sometimes it’s so hard to choose which one to wear right now! But there is a rule that we can’t use more than 3 pieces of jewelry at once. For example, we can wear ring+bracelet+necklace, ring+earrings or earring+bracelet (yes, earrings are two pieces of jewels). It’s better to wear less than look like a Christmas tree. By the way a wedding ring is exception from this rule.


5. We have to combine bijouterie with bijouterie, jewels – with jewels. Combination of jewels and bijouterie made of cheap metal or plastic is unacceptable. Also wearing expensive jewels at daytime shows luck of taste. It’s wrong opinion that wearing bijouterie shows luck of money. Now there are a lot of high quality and classy pieces that will highlight a status of its owner. It’s time for some experiments and try bijouterie. I’m sure you will like it!

6. Don’t combine jewelries made of gold and silver together. Better not to break this rule. You can wear these metals together only if it combined in one piece of jewelry. But if your wedding ring is golden you can wear it with silver jewelry because it’s an exception.

7. Animal print makes you sexy. You should be careful not to become a leopard or a crocodile. It’s better to choose one piece with animal print in your look (pants, skirt, jacket or accessories). It diversifies your outfit,  makes it sexy and a little bit predacious.


 8. Slingbacks and socks. No way! Last times we could see this combination on a fashion shows, but not everything from podium we should use in daily life. It’s better to wear sandals without socks.


9. Black color from “tips to toes” makes you look elegant. You can easily crash this rule. First, black doesn’t fit to everybody and can highlight wrinkles and disadvantages of skin. This is a fact. Second, from imagemaking and psychology side, black color preferred by people with low income. On black clothing it’s harder to detect dirt and stains. Do you want to look rich and successful? Use light colors in clothing!


These were the most widespread stylish rules. And now you know is it worth to break them or not.

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