…and how not to explode? Good question, isn’t it? Every day we have some stressful situations… Every day we should do a lot of things at work and at home. But sometimes even little thing can make us so angryand perturbed… It’s good to have a dream work and to be a boss for yourself. But mostly we have our manager or superiorand sometimes he (or she) can drive us crazy. “You should finish 15 projects till the end of month”, “Do this till the end of the day”,“I don’t care how, but you should do it right now!” work “Dear mister X, sorry, but you already gave me 5 more things to do and I must finish it today, it’s impossible…” – sayvoices in your head… Did you ever had a situation like this? Were you ever about to explode from angriness? I don’t want to talk if your boss right or wrong. I would prefer to talk about how you can escape a stress and don’t feel yourself depressed. You can’t say anything to your boss (he is managing you!), especially when you are angry. It can damage your professional image, career and relationships. I know, it’s so hard to calm down, but you must do it… work-stress-4 Until you are burning from angriness, mostly you can’t work good and you can make some mistakes, that later will drive mad your boss. So now the most important is to get rid of harmful feelings. Here are some things that may help you to settle down: – Take a deep breath. It would be great if you can go out of room or office and have a fresh air – Drink a cup of tea or cold water (I prefer cold water) – You can take some old papers (but be sure you don’t need them and there is no important notes on it) and rend it   And then… the most interesting. There are some things you shouldn’t do. No way! angry-boss1_ – Don’t go and share your feelings with your colleagues. Maybe they are good friends, but it will show you unprofessional, like a little girl (or boy) that running to share everything with her granny or mom. Also you shouldn’t call your mom and shout out loud: “This &%#! Mr. Smith said to me I should finish that job in 1 hour! He is crazy!….” Stop! And forget about it just in case you had that idea. – Don’t forget about gossipers that can work with you. I hope you don’t have such people, but you should be careful. Keep your professionalism (yes, I’ll say it again and again!). Even if you discuss that problem with your close ones, somebody can hear it and weave intrigues. – You must show you as a professional, you shouldn’t talk in a bad way about your chief. Once you lost your professional image, it’ll be very hard to turn it good again. no stress When you came home it’s time for another therapy. You can take a piece of paper and write all that bad things you think about your manager. Sure, better not to use names and burn it after writing. But I’m sure you will feel better. From psychology, if something makes you crazy it can signify two things. First, you have the same manner in you (and, surely, it can make angry other people). If so, it would be

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great to find a way to fix it. Second, you don’t let yourself to make such things. Maybe you not allow to ask others to make more than they can and motivate them like that, maybe you afraid to push on others. There are lots of reasons and you should figure out why it drives you crazy. I hope this short article, that was written in 45 minutes, was useful for you. If so, don’t forget to leave a comment! And the last, if your boss driving you crazy every single day – isn’t it a sign to find a better job? 😉

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