Some time ago I was on a wedding party. Of course, before going there, as all girls, I was thinking what to wear. I don’t like wearing black color for such occasions (by the way, I even don’t have little black dress in my wardrobe). The weather was warm and a little bit windy, so I have chosen silk bright golden-orange dress from Sisley.

Simaltaneous outfit 1

I like to play with colors in my looks. And I don’t like to make a “total look” using only one color. It’s boring!

One of my favorite contrasts by Itten is simultaneous contrast. The idea of contrast: on color wheel we choose a color. On my example it’s golden-orange (between orange and yellow). Then we look which color is situated opposite of it. It is blue-violet. And then you choose color that situated on the left or on the right from this one. It can be violet or blue. Sounds difficult? Let’s have a look on the picture.

Simultaneous contrast

So that’s why for this dress I used purple-violet clutch.

Impression of contrast: chick, swank and ritzy.

To complete my look I worn black suede pump heels.

Simaltaneous outfit 3

As a jewelry I chose watch with crystals and a ring.

Simaltaneous outfit 2


Simaltaneous outfit 4


So now you have one more idea how to look chick and attractive! 😉

P.S. The party was nice and I got some new friends there. And, to tell the truth, there were a lot of women wearing black dresses!

Classy outfit for friend’s wedding
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