In Spring-summer season 2014 designers perform us a lot of types of romantic skirts. Unusual cut and feminine models, decor, bright colors and prints call on us to experiment. What style will accentuate your gorgeous figure? Let’s figure out the main trends!


This season different lengths of skirts are relevant: mini, midi and maxi. When you choose skirt it would be good to remember a few nuances.

One of the most popular model of the summer season 2014 – midi skirts in various styles. This skirt can be worn to work, for a walk, romantic dinner or a party.

Mini skirt alsobecomes very popular this season, but, unfortunately, will fit only for young girls with slim legs. If it combined with shoes on small or no heel, mini skirt would be perfect for parties.

This summer we won’t forget about maxi skirts. Designers have presented it in various stylistic solutions. By the way, some models can be converted into a dress if you emphasize the waist by using belt.

It’s worth to remember that your skirt shouldn’t end in the widest part of your hips or legs.


At the summer time silk, linen, cotton and chiffon are actual. Also designers recommend us to pay attention to the lace, perforated and transparent fabrics, satin, leather, golden and silver brocade.


For snappy dressers, who for the last few seasons have been fond of knitwear, denim and patent leather there is no need to worry. These materials are relevant this spring-summer season.

Important! Skirts of lace and perforated fabrics are ideal for romantic walks, meeting with friends, but not for work. This kind of skirts indicates too much feminine and sexuality thus are not preferable, if you want to create an image of a business lady or to get promoted.


You can feel free to choose bright colors, geometric, animal, floral prints, ethnic motifs and psychedelic patterns.

Prints summer2014

Before we start with styles, here you can find a picture with body types just to remind you the names:

Body types kaluginastyle

How to recognize bodytype kaluginastyle 2

It’s time to talk about design. What is fashionable this summer?


The most interesting model of the season – flared skirt styled like “New look 50’s” by Christian Dior. Skirts cut “circle” and “half circle” would be an excellent choice because it goes well with any type of figure.

Skirt with wedges (godet) also occurs in spring-summer collections of designers. This model is suitable for all types of figures.

A-line cut comes back into fashion! Came from the 1960s and loved by many in the 2000s, this model returns to the fashionistas wardrobes. This summer 2014, you can find the interesting models with patch pockets.

It is preferable to wear for: “The Slender hourglass ” (soft fabrics), ” The Inverted triangle”, “The Slender columns “, ” The Rectangle “(no details on the belly ).

Tulip. Excellent model to hide plump hips or vice versa to give them size, fits all types of bodies. But this model emphasize on the legs and visually makes you shorter, so it is very important to choose the correct length.



Skirts with flounces

Very feminine and romantic model of summer 2014 – waisted skirt with flounces trim. Is perfect for “The Rectangle”, ” The Inverted triangle” and ” The Slender hourglass”

Skirts with flounces

Skirt with a fringe

This spring-summer season we see the fringe on dresses, jackets, bags and, of course, skirts. This summer skirt can be made of thin filaments (in the manner of a loincloth), jauntily fringed frayed on the edges or thin ribbons as decor.

Skirt with a fringe

It is preferable to wear for: “The Slender columns”, “The Inverted triangle”, “The Rectangle”, “The Slender Hourglass.” “The Circle” can try a skirt with fringe trim at the hem, to attract attention to the legs.


Pencil – one of the main things in the basic wardrobe for slim girls. This spring-summer season it doesn’t lose its relevance and can be complemented by various elements (pockets, belt waistband, basque). With such a model it is easy to create a variety of daytime and evening sets.


It is preferable to wear for: “The Slender Hourglass”, “The Rectangle”, “The Slender Columns.”

Pleated (accordion) skirts are also one of the trends of this summer. It is preferable to wear forThe Rectangle”, “The Inverted triangle” and “The Slender columns” as they have flat hips.

Pleated skirts

Asymmetrical skirts

All of the above mentioned models can be found in the asymmetric version. This cut will make the skirt special and unique.

If you have never worn asymmetrical skirt, try a model with asymmetrical hem. If you are looking for something new – pay attention on models with slits, different decor and layering.


When you select a top for asymmetrical skirts pay attention on simple model to get a balanced look.

As such skirts make the bottom more massive, girls with body type “The Triangle” and “The Circle” should be careful. It’s a good choice for such body types as:” The Slender hourglass”, “The Full hourglass” (required emphasis on the waist), “The Inverted Triangle”, “The Slender columns”, “The Rectangle”.

This summer different models of skirts with high waist are very popular. It is preferable to wear for “The Slender Hourglass”,  “The Full hourglass “, “The Triangle”, as the waist is accentuated.

Girls with body type “The Rectangle “, “The Inverted Triangle “, “The Circle ” and “The Slender column” need to be careful not to make the waist wider and figure disproportionate.

So now you know main trends for skirts of summer season 2014. What kind of skirt will you choose this season?  

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