A short time ago I wrote an article about clothing we can take for a vacation and have new outfit every day.

Today I continue “vacation mood” and want to share with you some list of cosmetics that you should take for travelling.

Cosmetics bag includes:

face cream (day and night). You can take universal cream, if your skin likes it

cleaning foam and face lotion. If bottles with cosmetic products are big and heavy, I recommend you to buy special travelling set. It includes bag and little plastic containers. You can put as much product as you need and easily find a space for it in travel case. I have found several types of such travelling sets – bigger and smaller ones. The price starts from 12 USD depends on number of containers. And don’t forget to take some cotton pads with you!

trave set2Travel-set-1-8

sun care products. As for me, I prefer healthy and safe tan! Pigmentation if your skin burned won’t make you look beautiful. Also because of active sun it can be very harmful for your skin. For face you can use SPF (sun protection filter) 25-30, depends on the type of your skin. For body you can choose products with SPF 15-30. For places with hot climate and very active sun (Egypt, Tunisia, India) for girls with very white skin I recommend to choose cream with SPF 40-50.

moisturizing body lotion or “after sun bath” lotion. After sun bath skin becomes dry and dehydrated, so it needs more hydration and nutrition. That’s why we shouldn’t forget to use moisturizing creams and lotions. Special products after sun bath contains some cooling ingredients which make you feel more comfortable. By the way, your tan will stay on longer if your skin is good hydrated.

body lotion

deodorant – I would recommend to buy a little one – special for travelling.


– your favorite shower gel. Mostly you can find shower gel in hotels, but aroma or quality can be not that good. That’s why it is better to put amount that you need in your travelling set. The same is about shampoo http://www.museomix.org/dako/buy-cheap-levitra-in-uk/ and conditioner for hair.

eye shadows palette (3-5 colors) and face powder. I don’t urge you to do make-up when you are going to the beach! Stop to scoff of your skin! Allow your skin to relax! Maybe for party at night you would like to be with make-up, but not on the beach with +35C! Somehow, girls are afraid to go out at daytime with no makeup. And some of them even are ready to sacrifice swimming in amazingly warm sea, because they are afraid of “loosing beauty”. I met some girls using waterproof cosmetics at the seaside (and buy levitra in uk it’s not good for your skin to use it everyday). Dear girls, remember one very important thing: well-groomed skin looks more beautiful than thick layer of foundation and decorative cosmetics!

eye shadows palette

mascara (for evening make-up)

wet wipes for make-up removing. I prefer biphasic products for removing make-up , but it’s heavy for travelling. That’s why I prefer to take special wet wipes. I do not recommend to use it every day, but for vacation it’s fine.

lip balm. At the sun and after salty water lips become dry and you should take care of it. To protect my lips from sun I choose lip balm with SPF 10.

lip balm

1-2 lip liners and lip gloss (lip stick). You can mix it in different ways and create new colors and shades.

eyebrow tweezers. Maybe you don’t use make-up, but your eyebrows must be perfect always.



a little flacon with perfumes. I have some fragrances in 5 ml bottles – very useful for trips!

So this is my list of cosmetics for traveling. What do you take with you? Write in comments!

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