Every year different airlines open new directions for flights. New places and new impressions, low cost and standard flights… So how to pack your bag and don’t pay extra money for that? How to take the most useful clothing and look great? How to save some space for souvenirs or new purchases?

So today I decided to make a list of need to take for travelling. The most useful and important clothing you should take and feel stylish and classy.

For one week at seaside you will need:

jeans or linen trousers (for evening or cold weather)


light dress or sarafan


2-3 T-shirts or tank top. Usually I take ivory, yellow and colorful one. You can wear it with jeans, trousers, shorts and skirt

swimsuit (also you can take 2 pieces)

pajamas/nightdress (but if you prefer to sleep naked you can save space in your bag)

windcheater/cardigan. Sometimes it can be cold and windy in the evening. Or for excursion you need to cover shoulders from sun.

slippers, sandals and sneakers

For going to the beach usually I wear shorts and t-shirt.

Of course, everything depends on your level of activity. Maybe you are going to spend a night in mountains or jump with parachute… This list for those who going to spend vacation at the seaside with walking around city and one or two excursions.



The most important part is accessories! It’s easy to transform your look! In my bag:

–          2-3 scarves. Usually I take with me white (or ivory), with floral print and something colorful (I use it as sarong). You can easily use scarf with dress for evening, combine with jeans and t-shirt and also as headwear. I don’t like to take hats with me, because it’s not easy to transport.

–  Clutch or little bag with long strap – to put keys and phone.

–  Beach bag (I put there towel, sun cream (about cosmetics for vacation – in my next article) and little book

A pair of bright earrings +gold stud earrings, which I always wear. I pick up my hair in disheveled sheaf, wear bright earrings and on this way I attract attention to my face.

–  Bracelets. It’s my weakness, I even have a collection. For a vacation I take 2-3 pieces. If I wear bracelet, I don’t use other jewelry, it’s my accent on look.

Ring. Usually I take one simple  (to wear with gold stud earrings) and bright big one – to make an accent in look.

Mostly I don’t use necklaces while I’m traveling. I prefer bracelets and earrings.


So that’s my list for traveling. What about you? Which clothing is “must have” for a vacation?

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