Do you use right phrases in your business? Did you ever thing about meaning some of them? As imagemaker, I work a lot with people who would like to move up their career or just be successful at job. During our collaboration we improve not only look but also the way a person acts, tone of voice, content of speech and etc. Today I would like to share with you list of strange phrases that in fact have no meaning. It’s better to eliminate them from your speaking and writing to look more professional.

  1. Unexpected surprise. Can it be? As for me, if you’re expecting for something to happen, it’s not a surprise.
  2. Positive improvement. Would you like to make a negative improvement?
  3. Totally unique. You can’t measure how much it’s unique. It’s one and only or not.
  4. End result. The result is something that comes when you finish work. Until it’s not finished it’s not result. Don’t use the word “end.”
  5. Collaborate together. If you collaborate, it means you’re working with others. There is no need for word “together”.
  6. Past history. Actually all history is in the past.
  7. Serious crisis. I’m not sure it can be not serious crisis. All that became a crisis – is serious.

AlsoI would like to say, if someone ask you something – don’t try to ecsape, don’t use evasive phrases. Forget about using: – “I will try…” – “I should be able to…” – “I should check is it in my competency” (You still don’t know what is on your competence? So how you work there?) – “I’ll se if I can do it…” Just try to do what someone ask you! You can answer something like:I

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will do it by end of today (till the end of week and etc)” Give straight time limitation. First, you will organize yourself. Second, someone won’t disturb you every minute with a question “Did you finish it?”. If somehow you couldn’t finish your task on time, please, keep person updated! Also I would recommend you to forget answer “I don’t know” for your boss. Say something like: “I need to check some information (updates) to give you full answer”. Did I miss something? Add your phrases in comments!

Business etiquette. Say it right!
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