Sparkling eye shadows, heavy eye lashes, red lips, shimmers … it makes me feel I found myself in some party or night club. But no! Just a lot of girls and women use this kind of make up in everyday life.


That is why I would like to pay your kind attention on main features of daily make up for 16-70 aged women.

First of all, let’s determine the target of this kind of make up. I think, we should highlight our natural beauty: attractive, fresh, good looking face. As if we just came back from vacation.

The most important thing in daily makeup is good foundation. Our target – not to put too much cosmetics on face. Also, corrector should be used very carefully: it is better to use little amount and “point system”. As for me, for daily makeup I prefer liquid correctors (concealer).

You need to choose foundation the same color as your skin (1-1,5 subtones lighter or darker is ok, but not more!) and suitable for your skin type. How to choose right color of foundation? I recommend you to try test it on your chin and cheeks, because skin on our hands differs from face. That can be the reason of disappointment later.

For normal and oily skin it is better to choose fluid foundation with “oil free” remark, for dry skin – creamy foundation. Usuallyyoucanfindremark “oil” onit.

Let’s puzzle out singularity of makeup for each age!

16 years

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 04: Actress Selena Gomez during 'Target Presents Variety's Power of Youth' event held at NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE on October 4, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for St. Jude)

Skin: because of changing of hormones level, in teenage period, skin is producing surplus sebum (skin oil), pores can pollute and get inflamed. That’s why you should seriously and carefully select cosmetics. Better to choose cosmetics with antibacterial agent. If surplus oily skin is not about you – congratulations! Just choose skin care for young skin.

Foundation: after you prepared skin for makeup, apply foundation or just use concealer (depends on skin condition). It’s necessary to shade boundary between your skin and concealer. Use your ring-finger by patting skin. It’s the most weak finger, so there will be no extra pressure on skin.

Eyes: young ladies are able to use pencil, eyeliner and eyeshadows. Main rule – don’t use intensive, gaudy tones of eye shadows. You should also shade eye liner to avoid sharp cut lines. It’s better not to use black mascara. Choose brown or color of graphite. It’ll make your look more natural.

Blushes: you can choose coral or light-pink liquid blushes. If tone of your skin is warm – use coral shade, if cold – use light pink.

Lips: it’s better to choose lip gloss. Natural shades, with light pearls or shining.

 20 years


Skin: hormones changeover is finished, skin become normal and look shiny and well.

Foundation: usually there is not much problems with skin, so there is no need to use  foundation much. Put corrector locally, with no excessiveness. For active girls, who are studying and working, concealer can be useful. Perfect match is a liquid concealer, which you can put on eyes zone.

Eyes: perfect choice – lines: clear on top of eyelash edge or shaded and duplicated with not bright eye shadows such as khaki, dark brown, brown-bordeaux etc.

Lips: Lip liner, shaded to center natural tone which is covered by lip gloss or lipstick with little shining – perfect companion for active and long day.

Blushes: liquid blushes pink or peach shade will be perfect. Also you can buy compact blushes or bronzer. But don’t addict to it. Remember: our task – the most natural look.

 30 years


Skin: mimic wrinkles are appearing, nasolabial folds are more expressed. Skin become more dry and lose elasticity.

Foundation: if you put makeup for more than 5 hours – don’t use too much concealers and foundation. Big amount of it can appear in wrinkles. You can use foundation with light lifting effect. It has big amount of moisturizing and smoothing components. There is no need to make your skin dry, so use powder only on central part of face. Perfect match – thermal water. It moisturize skin and make makeup long lasting. You can use it before and after makeup.

Eyes: you can use brown mascara, but black one will look more impressive. For central part of eyelid, among eye shadows choose any pastel tone. For external eye corner better to use dark green, dark brown, chocolate or dark violet color.

Blushes: it shouldn’t be very bright: perfect option – peach or light pink color.

Lips: best choice – lip liner and matted or satined lipstick. It depends on your taste.  If you don’t know what to choose, remember: satin lipstick makes look more fresh, matted – makes look more official and strait.

40 years


Skin: now wrinkles are deeper, pigmentation and cuperose appear more actively. Nasolabial fold is more and more expressed, delicate skin of eyelid has more gathers, eye corner going down. Wrinkles around eyes are more visible.

Foundation: I recommend to choose foundation half or one tone lighter than your skin. Don’t use concealer too much, because after some time it’ll be visiable in wrinkles. Naturality to the maximum – your main trump card.

Eyes: Makeup shouldn’t be very bright or faded. It’ll make you look older. Better to avoid black liner, it can gather in small wrinkles around eyes. Better to use eye shadows. Don’t make eye lines too long and wide. With age asymmetry of face appears more. It’s good to choose  peach, caramel beige and salmon color eye shadows. It’ll make you look younger. These colors will suit women of warm and cold color type.

Blushes: coral, peach, pink-brown and salmon shades will make your face younger.

Lips: you should buy natural color of lip liner and lipgloss. Better to put lipgloss only on central part of lips to avoid flowing of contour.

50 years +

Helen mirren


Skin: wrinkles become more deep, gathers appearing more and more, facial contours change, color of skin become pale. For skincare choose cosmetics with high level of nutritious agents, creams with regenerative effect. Forget about lotions and masks with constricting effect.

Foundation: besides daily skincare products it’s good to use light makeup base with light reflecting particles. It’ll fill small wrinkles and prepare skin for using foundation. Makeup base you should use after day cream. Concealer and foundation should be put with thin layer. Should you use powder? It depends on skin’s condition. But better to let your skin shine a little rather than make it like papyrine. If your skin produces too much skin oil, you can use special matting wipes or usual soft paper napkin.

Eyes: makeup artists’ opinion about using pearls in such kind of makeup are devided: some of them think that you shouldn’t use it and better to buy only matt eyeshadows. Another think pearls can help to smooth out eyelid skin, if you know right place to put it. I recommend to use satin eye shadows. It’ll make our look more interesting and won’t look that boring as matt ones. Better to choose pastel and translucent colors of eye shadows. Slim eye line of plum eyeshadows will make your look younger.

Blushes: choose light and translucent texture. Good choice – blushes of warm tones (beige, peach). Don’t try to correct shape of face with blushes. It’ll only show your age.

Lips: use lip liner to make shape of lips more well-defined. Don’t try to make your lips bigger and paint it over the natural shape. Liner will fill wrinkles and make your look ridiculous.

In my conclusion I would like to remind that you should put makeup at maximum the same light you plan to be during the day. So if you do daily make-up you should make it with sunlight. When you do makeup under bright lamps be sure – it will look different at sunlight.

Every woman is beautiful! You should learn basic makeup techniques, make experiments, improve yourself and be irresistible! Remember, shining eyes and happy smile are always in trend! 🙂

Main Features of daily make up from 16 to 70 years old
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