I’m sure you did some bad purchases. Maybe it was a shirt, vase or bauble that you don’t really need.

For some people shopping is a torture and for others – perfect way to calm down and relax. If you don’t want to open your wardrobe and fall under “nothing to wear” let’s check a short list from 8 taboo, which help you to save your money, time and space in wardrobe.

табу шоппинга

1. Try to check all the shops on your way. Very often women try to check all the shops they see around. What is the result? You become tired, unorganized, you don’t know where did you see that dress and where you should go now. What to do? For sure you usually buy clothing in 3-4 shops so visit then. Of course, don’t forget to visit fresh opened shops in case you will find new good brand for you.

2. Spending too much on basic wardrobe. There is no need to buy 5th classical jacket or little black dress. Your wardrobe become more interesting not because of  variety of same clothing, but because of several bright and unique details.

3. Brand-addiction. Don’t spend thousands for clothing just because of famous label on it. There are many other shops with goods of high quality and interesting design that have more “friendly” price!

4. Buying clothing which hard to combine with each other. I have several customers who was buying nice clothing but it was impossible to combine it together. So you could only wear that skirt with that blouse and these dress with that cardigan. So they had a lot of clothing but it was meaningless. Remember! You should always know which clothing is missing and how you can combine new purchase with existing wardrobe.

5. Trend-addicted. Isn’t it you who buy all fashion trends even if they don’t fit you? Stop to make yourself ugly! Buy only that clothing which makes you more beautiful and attractive!

6. Shopping at the wrong time. “Is there any special lucky shopping hours?” you may ask surprised. Sure! Never go to do shopping if you have no mood, feel sick or irritated. Any single little thing can make you unhappy and you will just lose your time.

7. Buy without trying. How many items keeping dust in your wardrobe that you bought very fast and without putting it on? Even different colors of same model can sit different.

8. Think that sales assistant will say only truth. During 3 years I work as a stylist, I have seen only few shop-assistants who didn’t lie and confessed that dress doesn’t fit you and brought something better. When you buy shop makes revenue! Also many sales persons use special scenarios which make you open your wallet even if you really don’t need it.

Be careful and let your purchases always make you feel happy!





8 shopping taboo
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