Dolce & Gabbana’s fall-winter collection 2015-2016 impressed me a lot. Even two month later I want to look on photos again and again… Today I would like to share with you some details from “Viva La Mamma’s” catwalk. Let’s have a look on shoes and bags. I’m sure it

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will inspire you! MARC0878 MARC0875 MARC0860 MARC0829 Just look how many details each shoe has! It’s unbelievable! MARC0801 MARC0714 MARC0630 MARC0602 MARC0321   I don’t know was it comfortable to walk in such shoes, but I got extraordinary aesthetic pleasure! MARC0093 MARC0017 MARC0090   MARC0457 MARC0690 I feel like marsala color winning fashionista’s hearts: MARC0444   Would you try fur shoes this autumn? MARC0215   MARC0227   I want these shoes! MARC0555   Some bags: MARC0075 MARC0047 MARC0113   This “family bag” is my favorite one: MARC0720 MARC0569   What do you think about these accessories?

Viva la mama. Details.
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