Every girl wants to look slender, sometimes taller, more attractive and self-confident. Everyone is unique and it’s impossible (in fact, there is no need) to have a body like a models have. Also there are some secrets which can help you to look gorgeous without being “hungry and angry”.

Remember a very simple rule: to look taller and slender you have to use and create vertical lines in your appearance.

v cut 3

Whatdoesitmean? Let’s have a look on some examples.


Many women afraid to use them, afraid to make experiments and usually wear only earrings, couple of rings and scarf (if they have a mood). But accessories can be very useful for looking slender! Long scarves made of light fabrics such as silk or

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chiffon, long necklaces, high hats are perfect for creating vertical lines in your image.

long scarf 3

long scarf 1

long scarf2

long necklace2


If you have short legs, try on high-waisted trousers (if it fits to your body type) or use belts on waist area to make your legs visually longer.

Arrow trousers

This is a perfect choice not only for young ladies but also for women in elegant age 50+. Long straight arrow trousers make you visually taller and your legs – slender. A little detail: trousers should be long enough and almost hide your shoes even if it’s on high heels.



Don’t be afraid to choose dresses and tops with V-cut to look slender and taller. Such models make your upper part visually longer. To balance your outfit, choose shoes with heel 4-7 cm.

V cut

v cut 2

Lines and strips

To add some height use fabrics with vertical lines. The most important here is width of these strips. If you choose fabric with combination of contrast wide and narrow strips it maybe make you look wider because of the glance moves from the left to the right but not from the bottom to the top.

stripped trousers

stripped shirt

stripped trousers 2

The little secret: don’t use strips on the top and bottom part of your body at the same time. To make your legs longer – choose stripped trousers, if you need to add some length to upper part of the silhouette – use shirts and jackets with strips.

In conclusion a tip from image-maker: it’s enough to keep your posture to look taller and more self-confident! Keep your back straight, straighten your shoulder, keep your head up – it’s the easiest way to demonstrate yourself as a confident and powerful person!

How to look slender without a diet? Style tips.
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