After last wardrobe revision, when we had thrown over 10 pieces of clothing just because of my customer store them wrong, a question came to my head. How many clothing per year we throw because we wash them wrong? How many wonderful dresses, jumpers, jackets and cardigans were damaged in our wardrobe because of hangers? Is there any way to prevent it?

These are important questions and I prepared answers for them. Let’s have a look on 7 tips which help you to keep clothes right in your wardrobe.

Choose hangers right

Wire hangers can easily damage cashmere, knitted, wool, silk clothing. It warps the shape of your clothes. Better to invest in felt hangers or hangers with strip on it. It won’t leave any mark on shoulders, have enough grip to hang delicate fabrics and won’t make any pull on clothing as plastic hangers do.

Keep your jumpers right

In fact, it’s better to store them in drawer. It would prevent stretching of shoulders and neck. If there is no free space, you can keep them on hanger like on the picture.


Where better to keep jeans? The best way to keep jeans and trousers, if fabric not rumple easily, is to put them to a shelf. It won’t take too much space and you will always find what you want.

 Don’t store clothing in plastic bags

After you got your clothing from dry-cleaning, take them out from plastic coverage. Fabric needs to breathe. Plastic bags can keep humidity. Also such coverage won’t protect you from creases inside wardrobe if it’s not enough space. To prevent it from wrinkles, leave about 2 cm between each hanger.



Don’t wash clothes too often

Some people afraid to wash clothing and some do it to many times. Don’t forget what kind of cleaning producer recommend for this fabric. Keep all labels in the same place, for instance, in a box with buttons.


If you use dry cleaning too much, it weaken the material and damage it faster.

Don’t forget to choose right laundry powder. For colorful clothes you should use products where written “colorful”, otherwise, fabric will lose color very fast.

Bras should have a space

If drawer is too little for your bras, it ruins cups shape. To keep them “alive” you can store bras like in lingerie stores:


Wash bikini right

Washing bikinis in washing machine and twisting them ruins the elasticity of fabric and make it loose it’s shape. Wash your swimsuit with hands, put it between towels, press and roll the water out.  After that keep bikini in horizontal position to finish drying.

Fasten buttons before laundry

Don’t forget fasten buttons, hooks, zippers, and to turn your jeans inside out before you start to wash them.


Here is a gift: recommendations how to store your clothes right:

how to store clothing right

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