Everyday we try to solve a hard question: which accessory is better to wear? Sometimes you are confused, if those bracelets, earrings and rings are too much or it’s looking fine.  You are asking yourself should you wear those dangly earrings with that updo? Or choose something bigger and more complicated…

Accessories are definitely important in our outfit. You can complete your image and look stylish or damage it and look like you robbed a Christmas tree. If  choosing earrings and bracelets is not that hard, choosing a necklace become a real problem.  Which one is better to wear with this neckline? Should it be short or long? Should it be big or little?

Let’s discover main secrets of neckline’s and necklace’s friendship.

Main problem: It’s very easy to wear too small necklace that would get lost in a shirt, or something too big that creates extra volume and layering which makes your outfit “heavy”.

How to solve the problem:

First, you need to think is for what kind of an occasion you are dressing up. If you are going to a party, you can wear more bright and big jewelry. If you have business meeting – you should choose laconic ones. This is the main rule.



Second, you have to remember that you shouldn’t wear more than 3 pieces of jewelry at once. Otherwise, you may look tasteless and ridiculous.


Now let’s talk about necklines.

The V-cut is very popular in t-shirts, tank tops and dresses. When you choose a necklace for this neckline better to choose something that ends somewhere mid chest. Avoid things that would drape into your cleavage. Short necklace keep attention off your chest and attract more to your face. You can wear something simple like necklace with a gem or pearl or big and bright riviere.



With necklines like a crew cut, boat cut or a turtleneck better to wear a long dangling necklace. It balances figure, make you look taller and slimmer.



I am not a great fan of turtlenecks because they can cut your neck, highlight double chin and be very unfeminine sometimes. A long beaded necklace can add a feminine touch and balance proportions.


I would like to share a secret with you! There are some tips for visual correction with a help of necklace.  If you want to make breast visually bigger choose jewelry that ends on a breast line. If you would like to make it visually slimmer use riveres which end upper or below the breast line.



If you want to wear a strapless top, it’s better to wear something that stays close to the neck like a choker or a small strand of pearls or glass beads. Also you can choose something bigger and more elaborate. Your aim is to use open space between neck and dress.



For ballet and scoop cut, it’s better to use same rules as for V-cut. No need to wear necklaces, which will cross the neckline.


And the last one – a cowl neck. For such neckline, it’s better to choose something small and close to neck. Otherwise, it will be piling up of textures.


That are all secrets! Save this cheat sheet to keep these tips in your memory.


I hope now you got the idea about combining jewelry and necklines. If you have any question, feel free to add a comment below!

Necklace and neckline: how to choose right?
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