How to choose a dress? How to recognize your body type? How to choose jewelry? We can find billion articles for women. What about men? They also want to look presentable to achieve more goals in life!

Now I know that my blog read not only women, but also men! From time to time they check pages trying to find some recommendations about style and image for them!

After I received too many messages and comments like “Kate, please, write some articles for men!”, I decided to do it as soon as possible!

Dear guys! Today article is for you! Let’s talk about your suit. Does it fit you? Even if you wear it once per year, it should be perfect! So try on your jacket and trousers and check it in a mirror!

Size. Let’s start from jacket. Shoulder line should be directly on your shoulder. Not upper and not down with many wrinkles. It should be comfortable to move, to make your hand up and down.


Shoulder line have to be straight!

suit fit 1

Same about trousers. It shouldn’t be too tight, you have to feel comfortable when you sit and walk. Choose your size carefully. If you wear bigger than you need, there will be thousands of wrinkles! That make you look more fat and shorter.

Jacket length.  Right length ends in the middle of your palm. Everything that is shorter or longer – wrong.

length 1

Buttoned jacket shouldn’t have any folds or wrinkles. It should be straight, fir the body, but not swift. Wrinkles show that you have  chosen wrong size.

jacket fit 1

Sleeve length. Shirt’s sleeve should belonger than jacket sleeve for 1.5 cm.

Jacket’s collar shouldn’t ridge. Shirt’s collar should be higher than jacket for 2-2.5 cm.

collar fit

General look. Jacket’sflaps shouldn’t create a dreaded X silhouette. Right jacket fits without wrinkles and humps on belly, shoulders, hands or back.

suit fit 2

Before you buy suit (same as any clothing), you should not only check yourself on the mirror from different sides, but also make all movements you usually do: have a sit, make hands up and down, try to hug someone and etc. Somehow people forget about it. Clothing have to be 100% comfortable!

Does your suit fit you right? If not, don’t forget immediately to throw it away and buy new one.

Wish you to achieve new goals in your job!

P.S. If you need a help of personal stylist and imagemaker, feel free to ask me 😉

How perfect suit should look like
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