White shirt – is one of the elements of our basic wardrobe. It’s easy to combine with trousers, jeans, skirts and create outfits for every life event. Okay, almost for every life event. 🙂 Is it that hard to buy a perfect shirt? Many women make mistakes that turn useful clothing in a useless cloth.

The most frequently asked questions of my clients are: should it be only white? How to choose shirt right? Which decorative elements can be on the shirt? Are you ready to learn all secrets? Let’s go, dear ladies!

There are 11 short advices, which can help you to make right purchase:

1. Classic “white shirt” has to be made of 100% cotton, no synthetic or mixed fabrics.

2. Say “No” to jabot, laces, frills, bows and other decorative elements.


3. No patch pockets , vivid buttons, crystals,  colorful stitches and embroidery.

4. Color can be from white to ivory. It’s important to choose color depending on your color direction, as crystal white doesn’t fit to everybody. Also you can use pastel colors: pink, blue, olive, lilac and etc.


5. There shouldn’t be any shiny inserts of brocade, lurex and other shimmering materials.

6. Shirt should fit your body type, cling but not swift. It shouldn’t puff up on the back. No wrinkles in the breast area. Buttons shouldn’t unbutton by themselves.

7. The shoulder seams should be strictly on shoulders line.

8. Collar should be dense and stay even if upper button is unbuttoned.

9. Basic shirt should have long sleeves.


10. Length should be long enough, so shirt can be easily tucked into pants and skirts. There is no need to show your nacked loin. In addition,  you can choose body-shirt with high percentage of cotton.

body shirt

11. Say “No” to  transparent and translucent fabrics. It makes your outfit feminine and sexy thus not good for office.

transparent womens shirt

I hope this article was useful for you in avoiding useless purchases and look good all the time. Don’t forget to share it with friends! 😉


11 secrets of white shirt
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