World is amazing! There are many wonderful and unusual places to visit! Mountains, sea, historical places, different countries and cultures…. Sometimes we face with very unusual and interesting traditions.

Now I’m working in one of the most beautiful places in the world – Istanbul. When I need inspiration, I’m walking on the old streets of Constantinople or going to museum. On my way, I see many tourists from different parts of the world. Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Japan, China, India, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Italy, Britain… I like to watch people. I like to find something new, unusual color combinations, clothing combinations, accessories… but there is something really surprise me.

Walking near Aya-Sofia and Blue Mosque, I have seen girl-tourist in very provocative clothing. I was so shocked that even couldn’t make a photo.

Turkey is a secular state. Istanbul is europeanized city. But you shouldn’t forget, most of people living here are Muslims.  It doesn’t mean, that women are closed from tips to toes. About style in Istanbul I will write another article. Tourist (men and women) can’t walk around city almost naked.

When you visiting another country, you should respect another culture. Just imagine, that someone you don’t know come to your home in underwear and with surprised smile says: “What’s wrong with that? At home I always walk like that!” Most probably you will think: “Such an ignorant and uneducated person! No respect to others!”

I think almost the same locals feel looking on tourists. The same felt I.

So what you shouldn’t wear as a tourist walking around city:

1. Very short shorts and skirts


2. Deep cutout


3. Translucent fabrics

4. Very tight and sexy clothing

5. NoT-shirt


Yes, and I just would like to remind you there is no need to wear socks with sandals 🙂


French kisses also are not allowed in public 😉

I hope my little advises will save you from surprised looks and let you enjoy new place to the maximum!

Naked tourists attack!
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